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Formally the MAMA HUSTLE app. This is THE REAL Mama Hustle's connection to her supporters and fans. This app has been totally recreated to make your experience fresh and new. Mama Hustle and The Movement will be sending updates and reaching out to everyone that she comes in contact with every week! More details to come

Who is Mama Hustle?

The planet has never come across anything like “Mama Hustle” born Ayanna Storey. At the age of 3 she began singing at her mother’s church. Even though the age limit to join the youth choir was 5 years old, the pastor of the church granted Ayanna a special invite to join so that she could be heard and magnified through songs of praise. Before the age of 6 Ayanna began to display entrepreneur qualities. She made art work from broken glass and sold it to the neighbors; she continued to sing as well.
She began rapping at the age of 8. At this time in the 80’s it was a male thing. She busted right through the hype. Mama Hustle as would grow to be called dominated numerous underground (all guns blazin) rap battles, again being the only female and getting down through there. She was so cold with it males were asking her for a bite. After a while Mama Hustle and the community knew she was working with a little something something.

With her father a musician and her mother a poet she shook the streets of Wichita Kansas and is makin it “Thunder” in Oklahoma City. She has been involved in several local shows.
The uniqueness of Mama Hustle is that she has a message, a real message for a real world out there. It has always been told in her performances. In 2008 and 2010 events in her life has changed her she has emerged better than ever before. Along with her personal staff she has orchestrated multiple events that embrace her many gifts. The events were not only self marketed but Mama Hustle hosted and headlined them as well.

With quotes like “Keep ya head up and your boots laced the same” and “If its to be its up to me” Mama Hustle was and is a force to be reckoned with, never meeting a mic she couldn’t “ROCK”. “The Struggle is real only the strong survive, check her out she’s all the way “LIVE”..
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