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Rome Rock App Studio is proud to introduce you our very first utility app: tip calculator for Android, absolutely for free! What’s what makes us different from all the other free tipper apps? We made the most beautiful design, without the need of show any fancy background pictures that only make the app more complicated to use. We kept the functionality simple, fast & handy for those moments where you’re having a great time with your friends and not willing to waste time making calculations of how much each of your friends has to pay or how much to tip. Not willing to leave a tip percentage but a fixed tip? Don’t worry! Switch between % or $ and split the bill as simple as that!

??? You want to know how much to tip if the account is split between all the guests on the table? Just use our tip and split calculator and share the total with your friends thru Whatsapp, Facebook, Mail, SMS or the social network of you like! Download Now! Tip Calculator & Bill Split for Free in Google Play! ???

You’re traveling and don’t know the local currency? Splitting becomes hard when tipping the delivery guy? The gratuity calculator will make your life ez and will change your perspective in how to tip. No matter if you’re having dinner, drinks at the bar or having a coffee; settle up, relax and quickly introduce your total to calculate the amount precisely with the options you choose. The tool that makes everything for you in ultra speed is here!

??? Check your bills & do all the extra calculations required with our tiny calculator integrated! A double check was never so simple! Include or exclude the tax & customize more useful features! Become the tipper star! Try Now Tip Calculator & Bill Split for Free in Google Play ???

The amount payable per person, the tax and bill can be rounded up or rounded down if you turn on the option.You can choose if you want to include the tax in the tip or not. Turn off and on the default extra calculations or settings that suit your tipping etiquette. Our night mode will help in those dark bars or restaurant.
???We also included different themes or skins, so you can give your favorite look to your favorite tip calculator for Android! Try Now Tip Calculator & Bill Split for Free in Google Play! ???

Features of the App:

? Quick & Simple!
? Change the Main Language & Money Currency
? Round Bill, Include Tax & Other Custom Settings
? Responsive One-Hand Touch Controls
? No Internet Connection Needed

?☕️ Give your mind a rest! The best tipping app for Free is here!!! Download Tip Calculator & Bill Split Now! ☕️?
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