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Let’s check your brain with some interesting questions or make your brain sharp with these questions.
True and False Grind is a brain testing quiz game which test your brain. Test yourself that how much you have knowledge about things and world. True and false has various interesting Topics and general knowledge that will not only test your brain; it will also play with your brain.

True & False: quiz battle is not just fun game it also a brain teasing quiz game which gives you interesting Knowledge. It will force you to think about is the knowledge you have today is enough to conquer this brain killer application? Is with your logic and reasoning you could answer a simple challenge that only two options available for the answer? Do you have a enough general knowledge to answer every question? There are so many challenges you will face in this true false quiz test and so many questions you will think about yourself. play Brainy True False Quiz game and make yourself IQ Genius.

The Quality of this Game is you just can’t play with yourself; you can play with your friend or anyone. If you want multiplayer quiz game, download this game and you will get addicted to this game. Play True & False competetion between multiplayers . Throughout the game you will be presented with a variety of level that needs to go step by step.

How to Play:

If you click on play button
❏ On first screen, Number of correct answer, number of lives and number of passes will be given to you
❏ Empty Sketch will be shown in the start screen
❏ After that one question with two options (true or false) with specific time period and number of passes will be shown on the screen.
❏ You have to give the answer within this given time period or you can skip the questions till given number of passes
❏ If you give the answer within this time, your answer will be considered wrong and your live will deduct
❏ If you guess the answer correctly, the sketch will fill a bit.
❏ You can move on the next question by tapping on the screen
❏ If you use all given number of lives, then game will over and the one energy bar will get empty
❏ You can play the game until all energy bars get empty

If you click on true or false multiplayer button

❏ True or false two players will be play on same screen and who scores the first 9 points, that player will win the game
❏ If you give the correct answer, your opponent’s answer will be considered wrong and one point will add in your points
❏ If you give the answer wrong, your opponent’s answer will be considered correct automatically and one point will add in your opponent’s points
❏ At the end that will score the first 9 points, will win the game.

True or false trivia game is not just fun, its a game which will make you challenger and will force you to win from your competitor. The game is also suitable for children; teaching in the form of the game allows you to develop logical thinking in the form of a puzzle game.

❖ Easy to play
❖ Easy to test your wits
❖ Beautiful and simple graphics
❖ Easy to handle
❖ Free for everyone
❖ User friendly
❖ Meaningful true false questions
❖ You can skip the answers
❖ No registration no login is required for playing the game
❖ True or False against time

Dual Quiz True Or false is totally free fun memory application. True & False Grind is made for Entertainment and memory purpose. Looking forward for your positive feedback with your suggestions. We will try to improve the application and user interface for our valued users. Thanks.
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