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Who stole your phone, his photo, video, and coordinates? Who was going to climb into your phone, view your data? How often does the wife (husband and others) try to look into your phone book? Who put a hand in your purse with your phone while you went to the toilet in the bar?
And if they are right now trying to do this? How quickly do you learn about this, considering that the phone is not in your hands?
Standard phone search services do not help - reflash firmware kills all mobile applications. Blocking the phone does not bring happiness to the owner. Even miraculously preserved work of a GPS tracker in a crowded place will not help to find exactly who has your phone in your pocket. And almost everybody have experienced, that the passwords do not save from the curious eyes of relatives and acquaintances.
- So did your husband see the SMS header on the locked screen? And had the phone locked after the last call? Or maybe he saw how I dialed the code? You can continue this list for a long time ...
All of these questions are now answered by the inconspicuous Videotrap application - a simple and handy Android application that records short videos every time sombody try to enter the wrong code, draw an incorrect line on the blocking picture, or connect the USB-device.
Naturally, these videos, along with the current coordinates, immediately go to you in your cloud, where you can also set up an emergency alert to your friends.
In all cases you will have an excellent photo and a video recording of the attacker. Against the background of the place. With the coordinates of this place.
The advanced program uses a face detector that allows to search for faces in the frame and achieve the best possible angle view. Although usually an attacker and so looking at the phone when trying to pick up a code or connect data-recording cable .
By the way, before reselling your phone the faces of the resellers with their coordinates will appeare few times in your "cloud". Usually, all first try to pick up the code, well, or in any way check serviceability of the phone. Before upgrading it`s nessesery to charge... Therefore, you will have time to search. Naturally, there is no panacea, and something can go different, but there will a strong possibility that you will have photos of bad persons and their location. And, with such video recordings, you can immediately apply to the police, there probably already have their data.
But without thefts, it's useful to be aware of the history of how your phone lives, until you hold it in your hands. Sometimes interesting facts are revealed!
The theory of security teaches: there is no perfect defense, everything can be hacked, peeped, steal ... The security practice adds: all phenomena can be recorded on video.

This app. uses the Device Administrator permission This option makes the application the administrator of the device. The application will track the password entry on the lock screen, because Its task to track unauthorized attempts to find a password.
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