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With Augmented Reality translated into "Enriched Reality" or "Augmented Reality" in Turkish, anything desired can be reflected in materials already prepared on the computer.
All kinds of materials such as 2 or 3 dimensional drawings, photographs, texts, sounds and so on can be used and their matching can be worked together successfully.
The possibilities of increased reality play a pioneering role in your future as well as providing unprecedented benefits and entertainment.

Usage areas
This technology, which is used in education, military, design, sports, entertainment and health sectors in the world, is still very limited in our country.
Looking at future areas of use, this technology will increase social sharing as a demonstration of the potential for popularity as well as the facilitating aspects of life.
In addition, advertising, billboards, magazines, brochures, restaurant menus, manuals, catalogs, fairs, architectural projects and imagination can be applied to many unlimited areas.
Increased Reality applications provide a wide range of applications in advertising and marketing. The companies that follow the technology are leading the social media by making advertisements through AR applications.
Moreover, thanks to the fact that the advertising works done with AR are updatable, it provides the opportunity to follow the agenda continuously.
Because people always want to meet new things. They have the opportunity to easily increase their firm awareness when a good reason for their exploration is presented. The point to note here is that AR applications are meticulously provided.

As you communicate with us, your company and one of the rare companies that use AR technology with a special work in the sector, you can bring the future of the future and you can make your company stand out and make a move that will increase your reputation.
Vizar Inc. , We aim to use the knowledge and experience we have gained through AR-GE studies we have done in our own world to provide quality service for you.
You can invest in our future with our increased reality applications that are limited to your imagination.
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