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Vudoir is a mobile app through which you can decide your best look for any occasion. The users of the Vudoir community will give you free advice on what to wear or what to buy in a positive and quick way. In just 5 minutes you will know which option is best for you. They will also help you choosing in which of two pictures you look nicer, which filter to use or what makeup style fits you better. Vudoir is an online personal advisor always in your pocket.

You are probably asking yourself: how can those users help me choosing which outfit I should wear?
In the most democratic way: by voting the outfit they prefer and by commenting the combination they think is more chic and trendy.

1 - Upload 2 pictures that you would like to compare
1 - Upload 2 pictures you would like to compare, i.e. two different fashion outfits. ? vs. ?. How can I do it? Tap the yellow "V" button in the lower bar of the app.
2 - Lookin for a quick answer? Use the timer to tell people how much time they have! The minimum is 5 minutes, the maximum is 7 days.
3 - Now, publish in Vudoir! You can also share the post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. This way more people will help you deciding.
4 – You'll get a notification when the time is over! You'll get one also when someone follows you, comments your post or when people you follow are doing something in Vudoir.
5 - Can I geolocalize my post? Of course. A city, a street, a shop. Whatever you like.
6 - What if I don't like to show my face in the pictures? When you post, zoom the picture to cut your head out of the visible screen. But be sure that the clothes you want to compare are clearly visible or the other users will not be able to help you :)
7 - Can I invite my friends to Vudoir? Please, do! Go to your profile and tap on INVITE FRIENDS TO VUDOIR, you will see different options to invite your friends, like Whatsapp, Facebook, and many other channels.

Vudoir is a community of fashion lovers with thousands of people (men and women) happy to help you choosing what to wear and when to show that super cool clothes combination of yours. Girls and guys will vote the best look and will give you tips to get the best results with the models and the clothes brands you like the most.
Obviously, the final choice will be only yours! You will find all the inspiration and fashion trends you are looking for in Vudoir - What to wear?

✔ Vote other people outfits and styles
✔ Get tips and tricks from the community
✔ Follow people with a style you like
✔ Combine different brands and styles with the final goal of wearing always the best outfit and to be always the most beautiful or the most handsome
✔ Explore the last fashion trends, brands, and styles (fashion, chic, street style, casual, etc.) so they can be an inspiration when you have to decide how to combine your clothes
✔ Follow the trends and see how people who are going to that specific event will dress
✔ Be the personal stylist for other users who need to choose an outfit combination or a fashion style
✔ Recommend the nicest combination when somebody is looking for, trying, wearing any kind of clothes or style

Which dress should I wear for a wedding? How to dress for a birthday party, with some chic outfit or with a street style? Which one looks nicer for a first date, a bold clothes combination or a more formal outfit? Are you looking for an idea or an inspiration at the moment of choosing a dress or a fashion brand? Let the boys and the girls of the community help you. In case you have doubts about what to wear or between two styles, let the other Vudoir users help you choosing which look fits you better.

Vudoir is your new personal stylist and will help you choosing what to wear or what to buy to be always at you best in every occasion. Get Vudoir for Android and decide with which outfit, hairstyle, or accessory you look nicer.
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