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Water footprint calculates your water usage in liters or gallons/per unit of measure. You will be able to understand where and how to conserve the most water in your home. The app calculates the average water you consume given standard or water sense/smart appliances or faucets and lets you see the comparisons. It will show you the "what if" scenarios to help you optimize your conservation strategy by identifying the most wasteful appliances in both chart and data table form.

The water footprint is calculated by counting the amount of fresh water that we each use daily (direct water consumption/usage) and the amount of water required to produce the goods and services that we consume (indirect consumption). There are known psi and gallons per minute (GPM) ratings for the various water consuming devices in your home or office (i.e. sinks / showers / toilets / dishwashers / garden hoses / bath tubs / lawn sprinklers / pools / etc.). And it is possible to calculate the conservation effects produced by adding WaterSense or Water-Smart faucets or mechanisms to those devices.

Water usage is calculated by: Minute, Day, Week, Month, and Year totals in gallons and liters and is available in table form containing the basic values used for the calculations for each item entered in the survey. Water Direct and Indirect usage and Gallons/Per Day (GPD) Charts are supplied along with the data table summary.

Notes of Interest:
* Statistics show via "Indoor Water Use in the United States" that the average American family of four uses 400 gallons of water per day. And on average, up to 70 percent is used in doors.
* According to the World Economic Forum: "while population grew four-fold in the 20th century, demand for water grew by a factor of nine. The forum's Global Risks 2013 report ranked water supply as a top-five risk, with fresh water demand expected to exceed current supply by over 40% by 2030".
* By lowering your water pressure (to less than the average 2.2 GPM [gallons-per-minute] at 60psi) and/or using WaterSense, Water-Smart, and Energy-Star devices in your home or office you will conserve water and energy. This app will tell you on average how much water you use and help you optimize (by decreasing) your daily water foot print.
* Please Note: The JavaScript used in Direct/Indirect charting is not supported in Android versions > Lollipop (5.1).
* WaterSense, Water-Smart, and Energy-Star are copyright by those manufactures and have no associations with this app.
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