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Generally, people seem curious to know about your past life, past life regression and what was I in my past life. Your present life to a large extent is the reflection of your past life. It does not matter what were you in your past life but your traits would be depicted in your current life. Whether those characteristics were good or bad, it would depict in your personality that would clear you what was I in my past life. The thing is that you belong to actual animal kingdom in real past life like you were may be tiger, wolf, dog, fox or tiger etc in your past life. So now being human being posses past life reincarnation, having qualities of wolf or dog etc. You may seem loyal like dog and brave like lion. Its mean your past life reincarnation depict your past life animal like of dog or lion.
This is very funny personality test or best prank test about your past life regression or reincarnation. In fact this past life quiz or best prank test is your past life analysis that what were you in your past life. Past life reading is very restricted in this world and whoever knows past life calculator and past life reading people run to them. But now past life teller is available on your androids, you can do your past life reading on filling past life quiz asking your name and birthdate. You would be cleared what was I in my past life.
It is recognized that human beings belonged to animal kingdom in past life some were may be ape, lion, fox or any other animal. What was I in past arise curiosity. Today if any human being posses the quality of cleverness it is believed he may belong to fox life in the past. Likewise if anybody is brave it is considered he may belong to tiger life in the past. Moreover, if anybody behaves weird he must belong to some weird animal in the past life. Anybody can check out his past animal kingdom, past life analysis on funny personality test or on past life quiz.
Pat life regression become cleared on past life analysis, past life reading. On past life teller, past life calculator calculate what was I in past? And what animal are you? You can answers of your past life animal on writing your name and date of birth on past life test. Past life teller very exactly surprises you with its results. What were you in your past life, your past life reincarnation may amaze you or scared you.

But do remember this past life analysis is best prank test. Do not get serious with your life reincarnation. This past life animal test app is just for entertainment.
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