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 Wild Eagle Bird Simulator 1.1

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Fly through the skies and live a life as a royal Bald Eagle! Survive on a enormous island filled with dangerous creatures! Start your own family of wild eagles, raise baby eagles, snatch other baby animals from ground and water to feed your family. Fight for your life against forest predators like tigers, wild foxes, and boars!

You'll need to preserve your health bar, hunger. if you're going to survive on a wild and remote island, you need to be very vigilant just like a realistic wild eagle. Use your razor sharp talons, and rapid speed to catch your prey and fight against other fierce animals!

Raise your very own family of eagles to help you hunt and survive! Take care of your babies hatch and grow them in size as they assist you in upcoming combats.

Your eagle is free to explore the massive open-world, fight with different wild animals, fly over huge mountains, and a experience sparkling natural water pools. Eat Well. Use your prey’s meat to improve your Strength, and flying Speed. Also take some food to your home for your eagle babies.

Experience the peaceful flight over the stunning Island looking for your next tasty prey. Wild Eagle Bird Simulator is been designed for all age groups. Begin your journey in this ultimate game of survival, as a Wild Bald Eagle. This is your chance to take control over a mighty bird - eagle that flies over rocky-mountains and hunt for food and its rated among the most powerful bird of the jungle. Help him grow from a weak bird into a Strong Bird and let him raise his family. You have to Hunt down your natural enemies and survive in this deadly island.

** New Levels Added
Now you have more responsibility over your wings. In new missions you have to protect a a lost human baby from the wild animals present on the ground. You need to save the baby from those beasts. Take him to some safe place and then feed so keep him alive.

Wild Eagle Bird Simulator Features:

- Intuitive controls to let you navigate your wild eagle with just one finger and combat with the other.
- Jaw dropping good graphics.
- Use razor sharp talons, and god speed to catch tasty rabbits and forest animals
- Select the color for your eagle you want
- Rotate the camera how you want, zoom in and out
- Realistic forest environments
- Gorgeous views from epic mountains
- A lot of real forest animals to fight
- Dynamically created runtime world
- Awesome 3D graphics
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