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109 JadeEmperor - Introduction
For thousands of years, it has been observed that the planet Earth rotates based on a set of laws, patterns, and cycles. The sun and the moon form the main energy driver for this planet. Together with gravity, it creates different time frames for the lengths of days, nights, the four seasons, and the environments and conditions in which we all live. We are all born of the Earth; therefore we too operate based on the same set of observable laws.

109 Eastern philosophy allows us to understand the laws, which identify certain data from the planet and its people. Modern mathematical formulas allow us to develop a useful set of tools that are adapted for modern day living in all areas of life: from fashion, to dining, to living, and to travel. 109JadeEmperor is specifically used to identify a person, identify a product, find the relationship between the two, and the timing of that connection.
109JadeEmperor offers the tools required to serve people with modern day needs helping them through various areas of their life.

109 Jade Emperor applications include the Body Source Code, Zeus Sensor, Sexagenary Cycle, Infinity Clock, Five Elements, Yin and Yang, and Destiny Number. Using the Sexagenary Cycle to identify the element for each day or other time period can become an important part of modern life. Zeus Sensor provides an indispensible tool, which identifies the user’s Personal Element to determine their personal “best time” period for each day. Users will be able to establish the right time to make important decisions, which is in line with their energy, and the energy provided by the timing of the Sexagenary Cycle. Matching these energies reveal a clear life path and direction for living.
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