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Worship Songs is for you!

Did you know that one way to be connected with God is always Praise and Worship?

Day by day we face obtaculos as children of God that try to weaken our faith, in the work, in the study, in any place where we are always there will be afflictions as Jesus said it.

It is not so simple to live in holiness in the middle of a world that seeks sin and evil and in which we must live our day to day, we have friends, bosses or companions who are inviting us all the time to do things that do not agran God.

How can we be connected with God in our daily lives in this complex world?

We present the Free worship songs App ... an App thought for you, that you want to approach God, live for Him, be connected as long as possible to His presence.

Worship songs is a powerful instrument that God uses so that we can express our gratitude, our triumphs and defeats before his presence, is an incredible tool to defeat the discouragement, the discouragement that the enemy always wants to infuse in our lives so that we leave of our purpose of life with God.

The same word says that God uses music to give blows of war (evan craft is a great musical group to do so)!

ALSO ... did you know that listening to more free worship songs makes us 17% happier?

* Look at other benefits you will get when you download this App:

- Hundreds of christian radio stations to listen to free worship songs without limits like His presence radio, stereo apocalypse, super Christian chain and many more.
- Decrease your stress level by being more connected with God ... 24/7
- Enjoy times of praise and adoration beautiful you and God alone! ... in the moment that you want all the whorship music you want
- Unlimited Christian songs and Christian praises with a single touch on your cell phone!...christine d clario, marcos witt, alex zurdo and a lot more like miel san marcos, redimi2 and barak.
- Listen to music by Jesus Adrian Romero, Marcela Gandara, Alex Campos Jesus songs and many more!
- A great variety of musical genres like christian Reggaeton, rock, salsa, hillsong and more!

You can sleep with your worship songs varied and be calm since your cell phone will not run out of battery ... you can set the timer so that the music automatically turns off at the time you choose.

Now you can record your favorite Christian songs or favorite shows and listen to them whenever you want and wherever you want even if you do not have an internet connection.

If you like to listen to music in Rock, Classic, Pop, Hip Hop, Normal and more ... just activate the preset in which you prefer.

Hundreds of people are already using the app and having beautiful times of praise and worship listening to witt frames, lilly goodman and danilo montero!

Download the app right now before it's too late!


Although the App allows you to record third-party content, the App does NOT allow you to download gosple music or any recordings made by the user within it. This is in compliance with Google PlayTM policies.
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