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This app is a small utility that allows you to use your Android tablet or other device as a moving map for X-Plane 11. The app receives location data from X-Plane via Wifi and spoofs the GPS location of the device to match that of the simulated aircraft.

This app allows you to use Google Earth, GoogleMaps, wearFlight*, vfrMap or any other moviing map app. Anyway, it also has its own moving map, which shows all airports and heliports around the world. You can monitor your flight postion with this integrated map. Also you can share your position with all other users to also see their flights.

Also, this app has a news section where you can post images and messages to all other users. We would love to see your news there.

* wearFlight is a flightnavigation app for your Android wear device. The usage of GPS (Global Positioning Signal) will help you get oriented during your flights. With X-Plane GPS you are able to test the app before using it in real aviation. Take care.

Using X-Plane GPS is very simple:

1. Configure X-Plane 11
1.1 Activate data output of "Latitude, longitude & altitude", "Pitch, Roll, Headings" & "Speeds"
1.2 Set UPD rate to 0.5 packets per second
1.3 Set IP address to the IP of the Android device
1.4 Set Port to 49000 (or something similar)

2. Enable the Developer Options and activate Mock Locations on the Android device
refer https://badelf.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/5000708633-enabling-android-mock-location

3. Start app

4. Adjust IP and Port to what you set in X-Plane

5. Wait a few seconds. If successful the app wil show you the actual position data


- "X-Plane GPS" is a product of openVFR and is not related to Laminar Research.
- X-Plane must be running on a PC, *not* a phone/tablet
- Currently tested for Xplane 11 only
- Pls, send us your feedback. Thank you.
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