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Xplor is a private and secure digital platform helping you communicate faster with parents, create observations and share photos and videos. With full compliancy controls, medical records and sleep tracking, you’ll have a permanent and searchable view of everything that happens throughout the day.

Xplor for Parents:
Every moment; every day. Toothless grins, first steps, music, art work, books, and priceless mementos. Saved on a beautifully organised timeline, celebrating your child’s learning memories.

Photos and Videos - Xplor lets you receive learning moments as they happen. You can even add voice files or text to personalise photos and videos.
Live Messaging - Reach educators instantly. You’ll see when your message is delivered to your childcare centre, plus when they’ve seen it. This way, you can be sure your messages are going through like they’re supposed to.

Automatically Sign in and Out - The Xplor app lets you automatically sign your children in and out each time you drop off and pick them up. No more time wasting, no more clumsy registers.

Xplor for Educators:
Every photo and video opportunity captured quickly, tagged with names, activities, medical, sleep and learning outcomes for easy distribution and storage. Share learning with parents quickly and securely.

Automated Rostering and Time sheets - With automated time sheets and rostering, it’s easy to manage your shifts. Your payroll information is automatically updated into the general ledger, without you ever having to lift a finger.

Medical and Health Records - Xplor gives you an easy-to-read dashboard of a child’s health and medical data. Each child has an emergency card with important health information — for example, their blood type or allergies — that’s available straight from their home screen.
Photos and Videos - Connect with parents instantly. Xplor lets you send learning moments as they happen. Educators can even add voice files or text to personalize your photos and videos

Xplor for Service Providers:
Easy Invoicing - Work smarter with online invoicing software. Create professional recurring invoices, schedule bill payments to manage cashflow and invoice groups of customers – with one click. Payments, returns and credits are all tracked automatically.

Payroll Processing - Automatically track time and attendance, minimise compliance risks and increase employee productivity. Employee hours seamlessly appear in your payroll for automated calculation and reporting.

Instant Payment - Your parents just click the payment link on your invoices and make direct payment using their credit card or PayPal. It’s easier than ever to get paid on time.

“A wonderful way of staying connected.”
by Sydney Morning Herald

“Literally providing a service parents want.”
by SBS Insight

“Taking childcare education to the next level thanks to the use of innovative technology.”
by Estimote

“I love what Mark is doing. Parents can follow the learning journey and receive live updates throughout the day in photos, comments from educators and video.”
by Daycare Decisions

“Xplor provides updates, images and messaging between educators and families. The daily diary, events and updates are exchanged via the app as well as one-off information and arrangements such as traffic delays, parents authorisations, changed pick up times and staffing rosters.”
by Early Childhood Australia

“Xplor is a new communication platform that fits into the digital age better than any refrigerator door.”
by Gizmo

“The best way to stay connected with your children in childcare”
by Techmafia

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