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Ever missed some important date while watching a video? Battery down? Connection bad or lost? Expensive Roaming? Too much download?

That's what these "[clock] overlay" or "overlay [clock]" apps are for: to display some information (time, battery state, ...) all the time, not caring whether the app "below" is a fullscreen app or not.

I put "clock" in brackets, as it started with a clock, but now it grew to an app showing a whole collection of information! What could the YACO acronym now stand for? I have no idea.

This app is or was intended for personal use only, but it's too good for that... There are some clock overlays around, but neither working good enough, draining battery or hard to configure, or too little information. So I created this simple animal. I hope you like it - it grew into a most sophisticated app...

The app is free and was developed for fun and learning. Of course, Donations are welcome (Paypal user "paypal@c2j2m.de"), but that's up to you.

Displayable items:

✓ time with and without seconds, date and weekday, battery state

✓ GPS data available with speed, height, climb/sink rate and count of satellites.

✓ there's also the connection state:
Wifi: SSID, speed, frequency, IPV4 address, up-/download indicator, daily or monthly data volume,...
Mobile: connection type, roaming state, provider, signal strength, up-/download indicator, daily or monthly data volume,... (and DualSIM support >= Android 22)

The position of the text is configurable as well as contents' colors and size and some gimmicks.

It is Android 6 permission restrictions aware, so when you get an Android error "Screen Overlay Detected", or if you are not able to grant a permission by touching the button in the dialog where you shall grant it, it is easy to temporarily disable YACO for 5 minutes using its notification entry's "pause" button. It will automatically re-appear after that time. Simple and effective.

This inconvenience can be circumvented if you allow YACO to be an "accessibility app" (using a shortcut link inside the app's "Info" page makes it easy). Then it can watch out for the permission dialog and disable itself until it's safe to show up again. This way you have an overlay that does not intervene with the permission popup. Yet you must trust me that I don't use the behaviour checks for anything except the hide and show for that sole purpose (BTW: I do promise I don't!)

I'd like to have feedback (can be done in the app).

More information is given at the app's homepage, https://android.chk.digital/yaco/.

- GPS - well, for GPS data
- Access Phone State, Network state, Coarse location data: for the information about the data connection - the Android API needs these.
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