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Upgrade AT&T/Verizon/T-Mobile/Sprint visual voicemail to a breakthrough Social Voicemail service!
Connect with family & friends in engaging new ways by updating your ancient visual voicemail app to YouVOXX! Take control of your voicemail service with super-cool Social Voicemail features you’ll love! Compatible with AT&T, Verizon & Sprint plans. T-Mobile postpaid monthly plans also supported.

Experience game-changing Social Voicemail features like:

• Voicemail Transcription. Others charge monthly fees for voicemail apps that transcribe messages so you can read voicemail Not us! Transcription Included! We transcribe your voicemail to text so you can read voicemail. Don’t call voicemail - read voicemail!

• Forward voicemail to Facebook Messenger as a private, direct message to yourself*

• No annoying red circles! Voice mail displays in chats like a messaging app

• Disappearing Voice Mail Replies. Oh Snap! Your visual voicemail app can’t do that!

• Custom Voicemail Greetings. Record a custom voicemail greeting for some people, another voicemail greeting for people you don’t know – even a voicemail greeting just for unknown callers*

• Record a Temporary Voicemail Greeting then set its expiration time*

YouVOXX Social Voicemail is a new kind of voicemail service wrapped in a rich messaging app. Once you access voicemail with our Social Voicemail app, old-fashioned visual voicemail just won’t cut it anymore!

Still Unsure? Download and try YouVOXX Social Voicemail for FREE to see if your carrier allows voicemail apps like YouVOXX. If not, cancel anytime.

• Download YouVOXX then activate your YouVOXX Social Voicemail in-app to upgrade your standard or visual voicemail service
• YouVOXX Social Voicemail app replaces your carrier voicemail app. Unanswered calls will forward voicemail to our Social Voicemail app
• Not compatible with most prepaid carrier plans or Google Voice
• Downgrade back to your old-fashioned call voicemail / visual voicemail app anytime

*Some features require a Premium Voice mail subscription

• Check Voicemail on Facebook Messenger. YouVOXX is literally a Social Voicemail app! Forward voicemail to your Facebook Messenger account.* No need to call voicemail or access voicemail service - just check voicemail on Messenger!

• Voicemail Transcription Included. Built-in voicemail to text transcription to transcribe your voicemail to text. Access voicemail and check voicemail at a glance. Never call voicemail again. Read your voicemail transcription! Try it and you’ll agree that the best way to access voicemail is to transcribe your voicemail to text so you can read your voicemail transcription

• Stop Long Voice Mails. Check voicemail in less time! Set the maximum voice mail length for all callers - or set voice mail length for specific callers.* Check voicemail faster or forward voicemail to others*

• All voice mail plans offer a FREE Trial. After your trial, just purchase voice mail Power Ups to get more voicemails. No monthly fee. Only pay for what you use!

• Security. YouVOXX is a secure way to access voicemail. End-to-end encryption plus no one can call voicemail and hack your voicemail service

• Temporary Voicemail Greetings. Set expiration for temporary voicemail greetings so they expire and return to your previous voicemail greeting automatically

• Why call my voicemail ever again? Our Social Voicemail app will transcribe voicemail to text using the latest transcription technology for the best transcript possible. Voicemail to text transcription lets you:
- Search the current transcript or any transcription from prior voice mails
- Copy & Paste transcript text from a voicemail transcription to any app
- Auto-forward the voicemail transcript by email or via our Social Voicemail app
- Collapsible transcript increases visual voicemail viewing area
- Never call my voicemail again with this Social Voicemail app
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