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New and different kind of SOLITAIRE! Complete the game by using logic and math! For information on how to play, read rules below, or in-game.


-New type of a solitaire game
-Remove cards from the table to win
-More cards removed in one move earns you a proportional bonus in points
-Beginner game mode in which you can learn the ropes
-Advanced game mode, if the one for beginners seems to easy
-When learning or just stuck, use hints
-Animations, sounds and automatic hints. All can be turned off
-Undo function. But beware, 1 undo = 1 move!
-Support for tablets!
-Supports Google Play Services - Leaderboards and Achievements!
-Works on devices with all kinds of resolutions
-Landscape and portrait support
-Tap move: tap a card, then target to move it. Can be turned off, on and set to automatic

New features coming soon!


Beginner mode:
Zero Sum Solitaire uses a standard 52-card deck without jokers.

The objective of the game is to remove all cards from the table which includes 6 tableau columns and cards present in the stock. This can be accomplished by stacking the cards on top of one another in such a sequence, that results in the sum of their values being zero (hence Zero Sum Solitaire).

The sum of each pile is calculated according to the following rules:
1) The value of an Ace is equal to 1.
2) Values of numbered cards are equal to their rank.
3) Jacks, Queens and Kings are equal to 11, 12 and 13 respectively.
4) Placing cards of the same color on top of each other results in their values being added.
5) Placing cards of different colors on top of each other results in a subtraction of the value of the newly added card.
6) Cards can be stacked into piles. The summary value of a pile is calculated bottom-up.
7) When placing a card on top of a pile containing multiple cards, the top card in the pile gives the pile its color. The summary value of the pile is calculated according to these rules, going from the bottom card to the one on top.

Advanced mode:
The rules of the advanced mode are almost identical to the beginner mode rules. There are only few exceptions:
1) The cards aren’t removed from tableaus. To do so, move them to the foundation pile located in the bottom-right corner of the table instead.
2) When stacking cards of the same color on top of one another on the tableaus, only cards with a lower value then the top card on the pile can be placed there. When the colors differ, lower of equal value card can be used.
3) Any card can be placed on an empty tableau.
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