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امام حسن عسڪري عليه السلام فرمائن ٿا:
مومن جون پنج علامتون آهن
ڏينهن رات ۾ اڪونجاهه رڪعتون نماز پڙهڻ، زيارت اربعين تي وڃڻ، ساڄي هٿ ۾ منڊري پائڻ، خاڪ شفا تي سجدو ڪرڻ ۽ نماز۾ بلند آواز ۾ بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم پڙهڻ

هن ايپليڪيشن جون ڪجھ اهم خاصيتون
1- بهترين آواز ۾ دعا جي عربي تلاوت.
ٰ2- دعا جي هر جملي جي سليڪٽنگ
3- دعا جو سليس، سولو ۽ روان سنڌي ترجمو (استاد اخلاق احمد اخلاق).
4- سنڌي پڙهڻ لاءِ مختلف بهترين ۽ دلڪش سنڌي فونٽ.
5- اکرن کي ننڍو وڏو ڪرڻ جي سهولت.
6- المجتبي فائونڊيشن جو مختصر تعارف.
ته پوءِ بنا دير جي اسلامي معارف جي ان ذخيري کي ڊائونلوڊ ڪري پنهنجي دنيا ۽ آخرت سنوارڻ جا اسباب فراهم ڪريو.

Number 40 holds an important status in the light of Islam. Quran emphasized the important of number 40 "And We made an appointment with Moses for thirty nights and perfected them by [the addition of] ten; so the term of his Lord was completed as forty nights. And Moses said to his brother Aaron, "Take my place among my people, do right [by them], and do not follow the way of the corrupters. while the Hadith also reported that the earth mours a death of believer for forty morning. Also, according to the teachings of Ahlul Bayt, it holds a special spiritual significance. With respect to Imam Hussein, Imam Baqir reported that the heavens wept over Imam Hussein for forty morning, with the sun rising red and setting red.

Feature of Ziyarat Arbaeen app
- Dua Nudba audio with audio playback with each line.
- Selecting Lines with Audio
- completely offline app,no need internet connection
- For every line of Ziyarat Arbaeen, The line translation in Sindhi is provided
-Easy to read
-Easy install / Unistall
- Text Zoom in / Zoom out
-(Language (Sindhi/arabic

التماس دعا

ZIyarat Arbaeen Sindhi
Ziyarat e Arbaeen Sindhi
Ziyarat arbaeen
زيارت اربعين سنڌي
زيارت اربعين
زيارت اربعين سندھی
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