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 Aloha Baby App - Your Cycle, Pregnancy, Baby, Diet and Yourself - a Female Reproductive Health App 1.0


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Aloha Baby App is as little or as much as you want it to be for you - but it is not a replacement for your paediatrician or health care provider.
Please make sure to always contact your health care provider immediately if something seems wrong!

You can just use it to track your monthly cycles and your mood.
Or you use it to help you along your pregnancy when you have to count the kicks of your baby.
Maybe you want to find out at what times your new baby typically naps, eventually these times will be your sleeping times too.
Or - as it's always the question among nursing mothers - which side is next... and of course a simple yet pretty emergency game for your infant or toddler when you need both hands for something else for a minute.

We, being parents ourself, don't know what features appeal most to you personally, but we know which features appeal to most want-to-be, soon-to-be or are-already parents.

Aloha Baby App provides you with a lot of functionality, but we made sure everything is accessible instead of overwhelming.

Now, here's much but not all of what Aloha Baby App can keep for you:

* Female Monthly Cycle / Period tracking
* Mood - yours, the baby, anyone you know...
* A simple Diet Plan
* Allergies
* Vaccinations
* Medications
* Dental Development
* Dental Care & Dental Issues
* Ultrasound results
* Fetal movements
* Contractions
* All things Baby - Diapers, Bottle Feedings, Solid Feedings, Temperature, Development Milestones... and much more if you like.
* Nursing - which side, when, how often, how long... Also supports Twin Feedings!
* Breastmilk extraction - also keeps record how much you've already used
* Info Graphics for many data points when numbers just won't do
* Seamless conversion between imperial and metric customary units
* Custom formatting options

We also keep a keen eye on what Aloha Baby App cannot do yet or not good enough.

We're also working hard to incorporate a good synching solution, statistics which explain more by showing less and a better way for you to set and keep track of reminders.

At any time you can see what we are working on by looking at our public project management on Trello - you find the link at the bottom of each screen in Aloha Baby App. We want to give you the best possible transparency.

Aloha Baby App does not track you, read your data, access your images, your contacts, your calendar or your microphone unless it has to and when you want it to (after all you can't save an image without providing access to your photo library). We are ad supported, but if you like the app you can make a small purchase to support us to remove the advertising. This will help us greatly, but you are free to pass - you are getting the full platinum unlocked version, no silly purchase to save a diaper, add another baby or view your statistics.

We use optional in app analytics for the sole purpose of learning how the app is getting used, what is not getting used and if so - why it crashes. Not to identify you, to track you or to read your data.

Aloha Baby App is not a replacement for your paediatrician or health care provider. Please make sure to always contact your health care provider immediately if something seems wrong!
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