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 宝宝动物填色画画HD 1.2.0

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This is a children's interesting color painting software in the Pad, can let the children choose different colors directly online manuscript painting, created their own wonderful paintings. Enrich the color of the gradual change, give full play to the imagination of the children, and let the children feel the pleasure of painting and color
Young children are curious about all kinds of new things, especially for drawing. From the beginning of the graffiti period, children show interest in drawing. And painting for children and children is a hundred profit and no harm. It is unthinkable for us to cultivate children's painting from childhood to cultivate children's painting.
Children conception, composition, shape, color, in the process of painting dressing...... All the whole process from beginning to end, (either yourself or brains) are completely independent and can never be like other people. In a sense, in the children's childhood, in the training of independent thinking and independent work, no activity can be compared to painting.
In the stage of children's growth, the outside world is fresh to them, and curiosity can make them interested in all things in the world. And this is the power source of children's painting. They like to paint the fresh things in their eyes through a brush. A small thing, children must find their more specific structural composition and richer color changes through their own observation, so that we can depict the most essential and most vivid beauty of things. This method of observation can also greatly improve the ability of rational thinking and logical reasoning.
Entertainment is the nature of a child and his right. Without enough entertainment, children can't develop physically and mentally. Painting is one of their favorite forms of entertainment, and it is also the safest, most economical, noblest, and most favorable to physical and mental health.
The children pick up your brush and create beautiful pictures together. After the picture is finished, you can share with your parents or your friends. See whose paintings are more lovely and beautiful.
The features of our products:
1, the product covers more than 100 animal pictures and 100+ color selection.
2, the unique painting technique, can let the children paint on the pattern will not be out of bounds.
3, painting can be preserved, the next time you can choose to continue to draw.
4, the pattern is fine, conforms to the visual needs of the image learning, and deepens the memory.
5, the developers of our products are also the parents of their children. They are more concerned about their children's growth. Meanwhile, we have invited parenting experts to design this application.
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