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Your brain NEEDS a consistent training regimen.

BlindInsight Resistance Training imposes both a stimulating frequency, along with a focused attention strategy, to ultimately help you discover your mental and emotional balance.
This training helps you to choose the response or action you want to take, despite the current situation like choosing to stay calm in traffic, or thoughtfully and reasonably responding to your children, or even public speaking.
BlindInsight Resistance Training teaches you how to regulate your physical, mental, and emotional responses, through the two 20-minute daily training sessions. By tracking your before and after mental/emotional state, along with daily journaling, you will start to enhance your daily wellbeing, and begin seeing the balancing effect that BlindInsight Resistance Training can provide.

*Learn how to NOT get caught up in every current and interesting fad that your mind explores.

Resistance training For Your Brain

Through the simple act of walking, or riding a bicycle, you are participating in resistance training through resisting the pull of gravity. This builds back and leg muscles and contributes to an improved sense of balance.

BlindInsight Resistance Training is deliberate, focused resistance training for your brain.
Through this training, you will develop the skill to observe your thoughts and choose if and how you'll respond. Just like when you learned to ride a bicycle or even how to walk, it wasn't easy at first, but eventually, you learned how to run and ride with excellent balance, and now you do it without conscious effort. This is true of BlindInsight Resistance Training as well. It will be difficult at first, as you listen to a binaural audio frequency meant to stimulate your brain while using a focus strategy based on breathing and counting, you will notice that you will still get caught in the grip of a distracting thought or feeling. BlindInsight Resistance Training will train you how to choose to ignore these distracting mental states.

As you train your brain to resist the mental state that each frequency level presents, resisting these mental states will also become familiar to you as you go about your everyday life.
Just like when you repeatedly lift 50lbs at the gym or ride a bicycle for a mile uphill every day, your brain and body become familiar with how these activities feel. This means that, out in everyday life, when you go to pick something up, you'll be able to tell if it's more or less than 50lbs, and therefore you can choose whether you can safely pick it up or not. Or if you want to go for a long ride, you will know your limits.
In the same way, BlindInsight Resistance Training trains you to resist the pull of the binaural frequency through focused regulation. When, during your normal daily activity, you notice yourself slipping into a negative mood or excessively daydreaming, you will use the same techniques to pull yourself back to the center after having mastered stage 2. And when a brilliant idea presents itself, which is the frequency range in stage 3 of BlindInsight Resistance Training that you've learned to resist, you'll be able to decide whether it's the right time to engage with the insight you're having or to refocus on what you're doing. As you begin to trust that, because you're familiar with that frequency and mental state, you will more readily be able to return to the insight at a more appropriate time/place.

You don’t want to miss out on taking advantage of all the benefits that BlindInsight Resistance Training can provide right now. Increased focus, self-awareness, and mental energy can be yours.
Start using BlindInsight Resistance Training today!
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