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 Calmer Comments 1.0.2


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Encourage interaction in your meeting room or classroom, empower voices, maintain order.

- Create an unlimited amount of meeting sessions for colleagues or students to join at no cost.
- Encourage questions and interaction in meeting sessions.
- Streamline meetings and prevent interruptions.
- Easily share your three letter meeting key.
- Gain a quick view of those who want to interact, and acknowledge their voices.
- Empower the voices of those who are to shy to speak up.

The toughest part about asking a question is putting your hand up, Calmer Comments gives you A very simple way to encourage people to ask questions, and to help manage when questions are asked during collaborative sessions.

How it works:

The host of the meeting clicks the create session button, we generate a unique easy to read key, that is shared with the people that are going to be joining the sessions.

When a person enters the meeting key, they join the session and can press the comment button to alert the creator of the meeting that they have a question, all questions will be queued, and when the creator of the meeting is ready they can ask you by name what your question is.

Scenario 1

You are in a meeting and you have something important to say, but you don’t want to be rude and interrupt the speaker, so you bide your time and wait for your chance to comment. Unfortunately the moment passes and you never have your say, your voice goes unheard and the meeting draws to an end.

Calmer Comments gives you the ability to notify the meeting creator that you have something to say, without the pressure of finding the right moment to have your say.

Scenario 2

You are hosting a meeting and you are in the middle of conveying the most important part of your message, when suddenly a comment from someone at the back of the meeting room throws you off your guard, you lose your train of thought and everyones attention shifts to the comment made instead of the message you are trying to convey.

Calmer Comments allows you to maintain order, while still giving everyone the ability to have their say.
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