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How often have you been on a trip with friends or with several people in the group, you wanted to split expenses and you always had to answer this one question: Who owes whom how much? Cashinator - the travel fund app for friends - will take it off for you! If you always have been desperate to the topic Accounting of travel expenses with dusty Excel sheets in order to calculate the correct cost distribution between you and your friends on that great road trip, now this is the end! The only thing you have to do with boring tables you already hold in your hands in the shape of a clearly arranged auto generated Cashinator PDF file. While you are relaxing at the sunny beach!

More time for your adventures.

Cashinator is the perfect app to share money between friends, sharing costs in the group and recording all you your travel expenses: enter each expense in any currency at lightning speed and see immediately how the distribution of money in your group changes, who owes whom how much money and how expensive the trip is for each person in the end.

You won't give up your Cashinator app.

This calculator and little cashbox is the perfect companion for your travels and adventures. From the smallest barbecue to the largest world trip, it doesn't matter which currency you use for the issue. Thanks to the integrated currency converter, everything is converted into your home currency using a daily updated currency exchange rate!

Cooperation without registration and login.

You can easily split your holiday funds between your friends and travelers and you can share and use Cashinator together on all devices without having to log in, register or share phone books anywhere. The only thing you have to do is to scan the QR code of your journey with any of your friends devices and you're ready to go. Cashinator takes your privacy very seriously.

Simplicity with great features.

* Travel cash for groups without complicated gadgets: Cashinator is simple and clear.
* Share travel expenses: You can see at a glance who owes whom and how much. All you have to do is to enter all relevant costs, done!
* Collaborate: Easily share your spendings with your friends using a generated QR code.
* Unlimited: Unlimited number of people in the group.
* No advertising: No annoying banners. It will not change for sure, I promise!
* No annoying Excel spreadsheets: Carry all holiday costs from the flight over the hotel to the tasty ice on the beach and keep track of your money and expenses at all times.
* Clear evaluation of travel costs: The PDF is perfect for printing, sending and storing.
* GPS: Cashinator can save the location to give you insights about how much you payed in each city. Perfect for roundtrips!
* Simplicity: Pay debts with a single click. Compensation payments are also possible at any time if you do not want to wait until the end of your trip.
* Privacy: No registration and no login required, no transfer of personal data.
* Cross-country: Share costs across all countries, currencies and formats.
* Daily currency converter: Enter your vacation expenses of your journey in US dollar, Swedish krona, Euro or in one of over 160 different currencies. For better understanding the calculations and analysis are done in your home currency.
* Compensation payments: Who owes whom how much and how are the debts best settled?
* Community funds: You can share money easily with your physical community boxes.
* Categories: See at a glance how expensive your accommodation, food or flights were.
* Refunds: Enter refunds easily.
* Versatile: Not only for holidays, but also for short trips, shared apartments, festivities, barbecues, festivals or gift planning.
* Offline and online: Works completely offline, an Internet connection only needs to be available for synchronizing between multiple devices.

I'm really happy when you finally get me out of this app store and take me on your next trip. Yeah!

Thank you and see you soon

Yours sincerely
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