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 CipherLand 1.0.8

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The "CipherLand" is a mobile app developed with today's most advanced encryption technology. Its main function is to convert the ordinary understandable text or picture into an incomprehensible cipher text through the encryption algorithm, so as to achieve the purpose of security and confidentiality.

The "CipherLand" uses the AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) algorithm and is a block cipher standard adopted by the US federal government. The encryption algorithm is so rigorous and secure that no one can crack it so far. In theory, even with the fastest computer in the world, it takes billions of years to exhaust the AES key.

The Internet era has revolutionized people's lives and communication, but people's privacy protection has been weakened. Various Internet services and social software make it easy to access people's private secrets and personal information. These data include not only name, gender, date of birth, ID number, home address, phone number, email address, but also personal income, credit card number. Even in communication, the extremely important information such as bank card passwords and electronic door lock passwords are often leaked out, posing a serious threat to people's lives and property.

Although the "CipherLand" cannot completely eliminate the invasion of privacy protection, if we encrypt important information into cipher text, then transfer it, it will greatly improve our security. Such as the following scenes:

• For some reason, you need to change the password of your home electronic door lock. In this case, you can encrypt the new password into cipher text and send it to family members via WeChat and WhatsApp. Even if you accidentally made a mistake with recipient, even if the WeChat and WhatsApp service providers got your cipher text from the back-end server, they couldn't crack it, and the privacy was well protected.

• When a confidential business plan or a top-notch technical paper is completed, it needs to be sent to the partner for review. Since the text and images of the document are very large, they need to be delivered by email. At this time, these texts and pictures are encrypted into cipher text and then pasted into the mail. Even if the mail is robbed, they can't be cracked, and the privacy is well protected.

• Encrypt your private information, various account passwords, photos that you don't want to watch, and upload them to the cloud storage. You don't have to worry about the sneak peeks and leaks of the cloud service providers, and you can save them for a long time, your cipher text will never be cracked.

• Since the self-media age, sometimes people like to share some interesting things. If you encrypt interesting things into cipher text, then post them on facebook, blog, twitter, Weibo, and then specify a group of fans to view, is it more interesting?

I believe that people can use the "CipherLand" app to create more, better, and whimsical scenarios. These scenarios not only enrich our lives, but also protect our privacy. This is because the "CipherLand" is the encryptor, it does not hinder our lives, and gives us a lock on security.
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    Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad

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