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 Dirk Gently Stickers 1.0

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Have you noticed an acceleration of strangeness in your iMessages lately? 

Dirk. Todd. Farah. Amanda. Those guys. Them. And HER.

These 30+ static and animated stickers are the best way to celebrate life, the universe and the interconnectedness of all things, whether you're a holistic detective, or a holistic assassin.
• Spread the weirdness by sending stickers in chat.
• Customize your photos to get rowdy.
• Layer stickers however you want—everything is connected.
• Scale and rotate to create a thing!

Stickers include:

• Dirk – I have no idea!
• Dirk – Everything is connected
• Dirk – I’m sick of your BS
• Dirk – I’m here to help
• Dirk – What did you do?
• Dirk – Hi
• Todd – Hurry up!
• Todd – Are you insane?
• Todd – Did something bad happen?
• Todd – I keep forgetting how annoying you are
• Todd – We’re badasses
• Farah – Just be quiet
• Farah – Listen to me!
• Farah – I’m not liking that
• Bart – Sorry about earlier
• Bart – these people are nutjobs
• Bart – Weird
• Bart – Okay!
• Ken – AAAAH!
• Ken – No!
• Ken – Stop!
• Prince Panto Trost – Fulfill the prophecy
• Vogel – Yeahhh!!

Guide to Stickers:
Once you’ve purchased the sticker pack, you can jump right into any conversation in Messages. Tap on the App Store icon to the left of the text field. You’ll find all your iMessage apps and sticker packs here, so just scroll to the side until you see the icon of Dirk.
To place a sticker into your chat, simply tap on it. If you’d like to layer a sticker on top of a photo or video (or even another sticker), lightly press down on the sticker until it “lifts” into the air. Now you can drag it anywhere on the screen, and you can scale it or rotate it with 2-finger pinches and swipes.
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