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Welcome to Eye Tracker!

For some years I have been giving children exercises to develop smooth and accurate eye movements, as well as assisting other systems of the body. I found that once the eyes started to move better, the child began to improve in their rate of advancing through reading levels and those who were becoming, or had become, disengaged from the learning process suddenly reconnected.

I have been very excited to see the changes in people as they no longer see themselves as “dumb” and move from needing to be in remedial class to being part of the regular class. Doing this work only allowed me to reach one person at a time. One of my clients wondered if there was some way that I could make my program readily available to the general population. The Eye Tracker App has been developed in response.

Eye Tracker was developed using the principles of neuroplasticity and muscle movement remediation. Every time you experience something or do an activity there are changes to your nervous system. For some people, during early development, the nerves and muscles that move the eyes don’t develop in an optimal way. A person can be left with eye movements that are not as smooth and accurate as is needed for reading, tracking a ball in motion or copying from a white/black board. This can result in:
- regularly jumping over the little words like “is”, “if”, “a”, “I”, “am”, “at” etc.
- joining letters from one word to another because they are not seeing the breaks where they should be; or
- a line of text is not nice and straight but broken. Refer to the Eye Tracker website (www.eyetracker.net.au) for more detail and an example of this.

The vestibular-ocular reflex is important for the smooth movement of the eyes. This reflex goes from the vestibular system to the cerebellum and then to the eyes. It allows you to maintain your focus on a point even when your head is moving. This is an automatic process. The cerebellum also happens to be a significant part of the brain when it comes to reading. If this reflex is not working as well as it should, or the “wiring” of the cerebellum for its role in reading is not optimal, then there is a good chance that you will have difficulty reading.

A person can do all the remedial reading programs in the world but if their eyes are not moving as well as they could be then they are limiting these other good programs. The development of Eye Tracker also enables people in remote areas or with limited finances to now have the opportunity to work on fixing this one area that significantly impacts their ability to read.


Jaryd was becoming disengaged from school, finding reading difficult and was consistently in trouble... His latest reports have good comments about his participation, leadership, willingness to help others and being a joy to teach brought tears to my eyes. He is enjoying school - yay!
Cherie Johnston (Ormeau)

Over the past 6 months of doing the eye exercises twice daily, we have seen a huge improvement in Lachlan’s writing, his concentration, his reading and listening skills have improved as well. His grade one teacher is so happy and amazed at how he was early on in the year to what he is now.
Katrina Quodrill (Queensland)

Madilyn struggled every night, particularly with her maths work, to the point of utter frustration for her and for me trying to help her. The changes in Madilyn have astounded me and my husband. She is happier within herself, her confidence has grown and a funny, happy girl has emerged. Her reading has become more fluent and her gross motor skills (such as running) have improved dramatically.
Lyn Weir (Queensland)
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