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Save, organize, and share your favorites and discover the favorites of others. When you spot your next favorite book, movie, song, restaurant, or product, you’ll be able to save and organize these experiences keeping access to all your favorites in one place and recommending these content from your FAYVO boxes to your friends.

We shouldn’t forget the power of a friend to friend recommendation, FAYVO is a social network to watch and share your favorites and find the favorites of others.
When you watch your next movie, Tv Series, eat your foodies dream, or read your next book come share it on FAYVO to keep your favorites organized in categories and recommend them to other members of your clan!

Connect with friends or family on FAYVO to share what you’re listening to, reading, or discovering or simply keep it in your profile for future reference. You can also add and share your favorite content from other social platforms to your FAYVO profile, keeping all your favorites in one place!

Share your personal favorites on the FAYVO social network:
* Upload and share your favorite pictures, books, food, fashion, products, places, music, movies, moments and all the good stuff you never want to lose.


* Organize them into different boxes which define the different categories that you are capturing
* Browse photos and videos from people you follow in your feed. Interact with posts you care about with likes and comments.
Find what to watch, read and play:
* Search for music, books, movies from other platforms and store them in your profile.

Share your personal favorites with your clan:
* Share multiple photos and videos on your posts.

Categories for every taste:
* Access the categories you are most interested in, in a click of a button
Connect and find new favorites:

Keep your categories private or share them:
* Share your boxes to the public, to only friends and family, or to yourself.

Categories by geographic location:
* Discover and browse categories around your geographic location

Share, share & keep sharing all your favorites and then keep share some more:
* Share your favorites and recommendations

Categories for your every passion in your favorite social network:

Traveling is more fun when your friends get to watch! Let them follow your passion for traveling adventures and share your trip on the social network that lets you share and recommend new places you love. Organize all your trips and favorites in categories and share them with your clan! Find new amazing travel spots and trips to make that others have shared as their favorites.

Find new Tv Shows to watch that have been recommended and favorited by people like you! Enjoy our Movies and Tv Show categories and organize your favorite categories by genre or style.

A book tracker to keep track of books you have read and to share your favorites. Connect with readers and writers worldwide.

Gamers need a place to track all the games they played and recommend their favorites! That’s where FAYVO comes in!

A Foodie dream come true: A place to save all your recipes by categories, share your foodie night out at your new favorite restaurant, your food photos and videos and be connected with new foodie friends from all over the world.

Let people know what is your favorite clothing and the coolest fashion brands. Your pics, your style on Fayvo. Recommend and get a recommendation on what’s hot this season!

Got a question or need some help? Visit https://www.fayvo.com/contact us to our support email: Info@fayvo.com.
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