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 FCS m-Connect V3 (SHEQN) 3.1.75


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FCS m-Connect is a native application that operates on mobile devices for hotel staff to
accept/create jobs and review guest profiles for personalized services.

FCS m-Connect 是一款安装于移动设备终端的本地应用软件。酒店员工可使用此软件

It has the innate business intelligence to dispatch jobs based on runners’ skill sets, availability and locations. Hotel staff can also make use of the ad-hoc messaging function for better communication.
It is specifically designed for use in conjunction with centralized job dispatching systems such as the web-based FCS e-Connect. With m-Connect installed on staff mobile devices, they are now able to deliver excellence in service anywhere and anytime. Each service request can be tracked from start until completion. Authorized staff can also view guest folios and detailed preferences.

m-Connect 是专门设计用于集成工作分配系统中的连接,比如网络版的FCS e-Connect。 m-Connect安装于酒店员工所使用的移动设备中,员工就能够随时随地提供优质的服务,也能记录并跟踪每个服务从开始到结束的进程。被授权的员工还可以查看到客人的帐单与详尽的喜好。

Key Features:
• Support multi-language
• 支持多种语言
• Guest profile management for guest name, room number, company, occupation, check in/out information
• 客户个人资料管理,如客人姓名,房间号码,公司,职业,入住及退房的信息。
• Guest preferences
• 客人喜好
• Guest requests management for BOTH in-house and non-in-house guests
• 入住与非入住客人请求管理
• Inter-department work orders management
• 部门间工作请求管理
• Allow runners to check messages from the call centre with history for all received/sent messages
• 允许员工查询所有接收与发送的历史信息
• Real-time room status update to the PMS
• 实时房间状态更新至PMS
• Posting of mini-bar consumption to the PMS
• 发送客人小食消费清单到PMS
• Ad hoc messaging to individuals or groups
• 发送至个人或组的即时信息

FCS is a leading hospitality solution and services provider with presence in over 32 countries worldwide.
With over 4000 customers globally, FCS provides comprehensive guest-facing and back-end hospitality solutions for major hotel chains, mega resorts, prestige boutique hotels, and gaming facilities. The use of
this mobile application is governed by FCS.

FCS公司是一家全球领先的酒店应用软件方案供应商,遍布全球32余个国家,拥有超过4000位客户。FCS 公司为主要的连锁酒店,大型度假酒店及博彩设施提供了全面的面向客户和后端酒店应用方案。该移动应用程序的管理权归FCS公司所有。
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