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Freshmen U is a new social network where college freshmen can meet and connect with others from the same campus.

Why wait to get on campus to meet people when you have all summer to do it? Bring your campus to you this summer with the Freshmen U app. Arrive on campus, day-one, already confident with friends and a flourishing social network of support to make your first year... your best year!

Drop GPS located social content right on the spot as your story unfolds (dorm, party, classroom, football game, etc.). Other students using Freshmen U can view posted content as they walk around on campus in augmented reality. This promotes social engagement in the real world as well as the digital world.

Requires an .EDU email to see other students and their content on campus. No parents, siblings, or relatives. Freshmen U is about bringing people together and strengthening relationships on campus. Our platform was built FOR college students, no ads, and no data sharing with 3rd parties. Freshmen U is the only pure, organic social platform!

3 Easy Steps!

1. Use your .EDU email to register
2. Pick your campus from the list
3. ​Use Buzz and Search to meet people on your campus

All The Features.

Spotselfie - To place a spotselfie, tap the add content icon to take a photo or video right where you are at. Decide who can find it (everyone, friends only, and anonymous). With anonymous no one sees your name and all comments are anonymous as well! The Spotselfie will stay and float in mid air right where you dropped it (library, frat party, classroom, any where you want).

Freak Flag - What is unique, creative, or eccentric about you? What are your favorite things in life, passions or interest? Set yourself apart from everyone else around you and fly your Freak Flag high! Search for images/flags on any subject matter. Flags follow you around 24/7. You can take pictures with your flags as well.

My Color Code - Answer 16 fun questions based on your personality, social & physical traits, and activities. Search, share and compare codes.

Billboard - You can have your profile picture follow you around on campus 24/7. The picture floats above your head so people can tap on it to learn more about you.

Groups - Create public or private groups, manage, invite, join & post content (it's like having your own private social network within spotselfie™).

Buzz Feed - Follow the buzz in a typical scroll-able list of campus life postings by my friends, my campus, or campus surf (all campuses in US).

Friends Manager - Manage your connections and do keyword searches for people who share your views or interest on campus.

Campus Surf - Find friends at other universities to connect and share campus life.

Chat - Send and manage private messages to your friends in Spotselfie™ directly. Don't worry, no one gets your real phone number.
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