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"There is only one way to love the passing time: Find it again.
Futurize is your time case to reopen in a day or 20 years.
Fill it with thoughts, images and sounds, day after day. Then send it in the future. Those who receive it will take back that time that you have lived or dedicated to it.

Futurize is a new way to leave a trace and send it in the future, to whoever you want, when you want.
As in one of those boxes we had as children, you can decide to keep in the ""box"" of our days, your smartphone, a diary made of thoughts, photos, videos, content ... make it travel in time ... and deliver it to the recipient.

You can give your children and your grandchildren the moments lived today with them. Or immortalize a period spent with your friends and relive it in ten years. Unveil behind-the-scenes time for an important appointment. See you again with your school friends, now adults, in that unforgettable vacation after high school.
Put aside, for a moment, the social networks you use every day. The contents of Futurize are accessible only to those who fill the box of memories until you send it to the future. Since then it will travel over time, up to the date of delivery.

- PRESERVE MOMENTS: Create one or more time cases dedicated to those who want. Record thoughts and moments, small and big things, capture memories ... you can assign it to yourself or someone else.

- INVITE: you can write the diary alone or with other people. Only those invited can do it with you.

- DIARY OR MEMORY BOX: you can choose to create a diary with an intuitive Timeline in chronological sequence, with your posts and multimedia content, or a Memory Box in which to keep moments untied by time.

- DELIVERY IN THE FUTURE: Choose which date to deliver your memories to the recipient and indicate an email address to which to get the notification. You can choose to indicate more addresses for the same box to send it to more people or for deliveries in time, to be sure of the reception. You can appoint a ""Custodian"" who, without access to the diary, will have the task of verifying the recipient's e-mail address.

- STAMP. Apply a stamp to have the diary delivered on the date indicated. You can buy the stamp from the time of creation of the diary (recommended for deliveries far in time) or when you futurize it. Futurizing the diary means sending it in the future, just like posting a letter, but in the dimension of time.

* Easy and multilingual interface suitable for smartphones and tablets
* Attach and record files, audio, video, photos
* Convert to pdf to create a precious memory to print
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Info on http://futurizeapp.com/
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