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 Gem Tower Defense 1.0.1


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Game introduction:
      Gem tower defense is different from the general tower defense game,the gem tower map is extremely open and free, players need to continue to plan and build a maze, to delay the impact of a wave of fortress monster into the speed. Careful planning of the fire point is also very necessary. Rely on a combination of different powerful combination of precious stones, destroy the "please Jun urn" monsters, the success of your fortress bar.

      The game placed in each wave of five random stones, you need to decide which one left, each choice is essential, which will affect the development of the track behind, where the need for luck, but also need the strategy, wisdom and vision.

       Every four waves, there will be a number of flying monsters, they will ignore your maze, which is definitely a big test of your air defense fire, do not just pendulum maze and ignore the gem upgrade and synthesis, or you will regret but too late.

       A lot of BOSS's extreme test is the players must pass over the Hom. Group damage to the dazzling digital and single kill the various functions always have a balance. It is also a different stage of your maze and fire quality of a test, the loser may have to start again, unless there is enough gold to emergency repair the injured fortress.

Game features:
1. A wider map, play your strong IQ and imagination, build your mind in the defense of the maze and fire;
2. Several waves of the continued impact of monsters, a number of BOSS of the extreme test;
3. 48 kinds of basic materials gem, 13 kinds of synthetic formula, through a variety of synthesis, upgrading, for your fortress escort;
4.37 kinds of special gemstones, waiting for you to place a reasonable, creative mix, design your most proud of the fire output;
5. Gem exclusive skills, pattern Kill the enemy, all kinds of halo, each with magical;
6. Unique gem elite system, so play more richer.
7. random gems, random strange, each game of the game experience are not the same.

You think there is luck, understand the strategy is enough, NO, NO, NO, to see the masters of the maze it, monsters into several out, is simply in the molested little ants!

Collect feedback, build mobile phone top tower defense!

Developer:Ranger Game
E-mail: rangergame@163.com
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    14. 10. 2019

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