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Most knee, hip, shoulder, neck and back pain is caused by strain. Most strain is caused by stiff joints, misaligned bones and tight, unbalanced muscles. It is this strained based pain that I am addressing with this new app. It's designed to have you doing the best stretches for you, in less time, to have the least amount of pain.

If you have stiff joints, misaligned bones and tight, unbalanced muscles, which you almost certainly do, and they are causing or contributing to your pain, which they almost invariably are, it is highly likely that the information and stretches in this app will help you to reduce and better manage or completely eliminate your pain.

In my experience, stretching is the single best way that you can deal with this type of pain.
But not just any old stretches. Regardless of where your pain is, you need a systematic, whole body approach.

You need to address your underlying pattern of strain, and the specific restrictions and imbalances within that pattern. And that is exactly what I have for you here, in this app.

But these stretches are not just if you have pain, they are perfect for anyone who loves to stretch and be and feel supple and balanced.

My name is Bruce Sutton and I am an osteopath. I have been treating and teaching stretches to people in pain, since 1989. As an osteopath I mobilize joints, realign bones and release muscular tension, imbalance and strain. Simple really but the effect can be profound.

This is what you are going to learn with this app. How to effectively mobilize your joints, realign your bones and release your muscular tension, imbalance and strain to reduce and better manage or completely eliminate your pain.

As well as the unique strategies and original, super effective stretches, the app also has some really cool interactive features to enhance your experience and improve your results.

The Progress Chart allows you to record what you do, how long for and see what immediate and longer term results you are getting. This means you can work out exactly what the best stretches for you are, how long (or short), and how often, you need to do them for to get the best results.

Download the app now, try it out and if you like it, leave a rating and comment in the App Store!
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