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"GUMALA a Filipino word for the act of traveling or simply going out and bonding with friends. It sparks an invitation to everyone who hears or reads it; an invitation to go out!"

The advent of different ride hailing and Travel Apps has been a huge help for people like you and I to get to where we need to travel. It gets us to places we desire with minimal inconvenience, but how do we know where we want to go? How do we know which place is good or photo worthy? Gumala is a travel-guide app that aims provide just that: a guide in which users would know the typical tourist destinations and attractions within their area and preferences.

Gumala covers NOT only the generic and typical places like coffee shops, restaurants but the really note-worthy places from parks, restaurants with a twist to escape rooms and popular hiking sites. So if you are a tourist, frequent traveler or on a business trip looking for a quick photo-opt, we've got you fam! With Gumala, Adventure and Travel has never been more possible.

Travel the Philippines with these Main Features:
- A useful travel buddy app with recommendations to every place in metro manila
- Amazing establishments near you, uncommon restaurants, never-been-heard places and travel destinations – Something for frequent travelers or just for persons who loves to “Gala”, we got you covered!
- New to a place? Finding new places to travel or just want to wander about somewhere? Say no more! With our search by location, you got the power to choose where to go! All it takes is just a click on a button, type your preferred place to go to and voila! Gumala app will guide you to the places you want to go!

Available Features:
- Bookmarking of Galaans you want to visit
- Mark places where you've been before
- Galaans per Destinations: Unique travel destinations and hangout places grouped per Area to allow users to explore and plan out their Gala per Area or Location
- Galaans per Category: Galaans grouped per applicable Nature / Activity / Category to allow users to explore Galaans based on their preferences or current mood.
- Filter per Rarity: Places / Galaans are categorized based on Rarity as follows: Legendary, Super Rare, Rare, Uncommon, and Common with Legendary as the Galaans with the most unique concept and the rarest availability. Users can now filter Galaans per Rarity.
- Recommended “Galaan”: Gumala app will present "Recommended Galaans" based on your current location and/or preferences.
Galaan Information: App details available information of each Galaan / Place including but not limited to address, operating hours, description, images, whether its free or not, contact info among others. This allows users to better decide and their prospective travels.
- Rating/Review of galaan: You can now review or rate the place you have gone to depending on how good or how bad (We hope not!) your experience was.
- Location Searching (Near Me): If allowed, Gumala app will access your current location to present which Galaans / Go-to places are near you
- Sign-up Button: You can now have your own personalized account with all your preferred galaan places tailored for you.
- Login button: You can now login your account to multiple phones! You can use your Facebook/Google account or you can just manually create one.

You could also request for listings within the app

As Oscar Wilde once said: "Live life with no excuses, Travel with no regret"
Have you traveled with no regrets?
GUMALA ka na ba?
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