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 Headed Black Jack 1.0


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[introduction to play]
1. Blackjack's game is a 5-player no difference game mode. Each player will select a survivor and a supervisor as their "double identities" in the preparation stage to join the game.
2. Players will obtain curse playing cards with points from system licensing, mutual pursuit confrontation, props confrontation and other methods.
3. At the beginning of each round, the player with the highest curse points will be alienated into a supervisor attacking other players, and a successful hunt will transfer the curse.
4. If you carry too many curse points (more than 21 points), the players will become playing cards, become part of the game and stay in the manor (eliminated).
5. Winning conditions: always keep your points no more than 21, become the only survivor of the game, and replace it with the next black jack; or gather together 21 and keep a turn, successfully break the curse of black jack, and escape the manor.
[introduction to the game process]
The game is a round system, starting from the first round and proceeding according to the number round, each round lasts for 2 minutes at most; there are two ways to end the round, the supervisor knocks down the surviver and selects one of them to draw cards to end the round, or the time reaches 2 minutes to end the round.
Each round is divided into five stages: licensing, decentralization, transformation, pursuit and settlement.
[introduction to licensing rules]
At the beginning of each round, each player will be given a hand. The sum of the hands represents the sum of the player's current total points. There are 26 cards in the library, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and j, Q, K. they are divided into red and black decors, numbers represent points, J, Q, K represent points 1, 2, 3.
[rules of victory]
General win: in the final round, players keep no more than 21 points, and points the largest, will win the game.
If both sides have more than 21 points in the final round, the player with small points will win; if the players have the same points in the final round, then match the colors (black > Red).
Blackjack wins: players reach Blackjack on the way to the game, and keep Blackjack until the end of the round. They will win the game directly. For players over 21, the smaller the points, the higher the ranking; for players under 21, the higher the points, the higher the ranking.
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