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 Hootenanny Party Game - Social 2.0.2

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Let the COMPETITIVE party games begin!

Get your paws on this all-in-one social, adult party game and let the Hootenanny Party Team corrupt you with some wisdom--some of it good, some of it...well you'll see.

Variations of the party/drinking game classics are here: Truth or Dare, Trivia, Never Have I Ever, Would You Rather, Tongue Twisters, Ignorance, Charades, Ride the Bus, Kings Cup etc.

Plus, plenty of new hilarious social games!

Chillin' at home with the lads or ladies having a couple drinks? It'll get you fired up. Does your little social outing need a boost? We can't be liable for the weird things you'll get into. Looking to just chill and throw back a couple oat sodas? There's some party game packs that'll keep it low key and hit you with some knowledge. Are your friends complete downers? We'll do our best to change their ways, but you might be on your own with that one.

Anyway, so here's the current party Game Modes in this beauty of a party game:

- Taboo - Get the gang to guess words you cannot say *BRAND NEW*
- Myoo-zik - Guess the song lyrics or hum-ding popular songs *BRAND NEW*
- Celebrity - Our version of the classic Heads up or Headbands *NEW*
- Press Conference - A reverse version of Headbands*NEW*
- Short Circuit - Kind of like broken telephone, but with terrible consequences! *NEW*
- Mind Reader - Do your friends really know you? *NEW*
- Guesstimate Vs. - How many Instagram followers does Taylor Swift have? *NEW*
- Act It Out - Our version of Charades *NEW*
- Scenarios - What would your friends do in these ridiculous situations? *NEW*
- Tongue Twisters - I saw a kitten eating chicken in the kitchen!
- Toasts! - Boost your cheers game with these hilarious toasts
- Voodoo - Hilarious Commands you have adhere to for a set period of time
- Confession Time - Uh Oh. You don't need drinking for this drink and tell/truth or dare game.
- Game Master - Make your socially inept friends do stupid stuff
- Conversation Starters - Just a bunch of thought-provoking questions
- Slip It In - Gain huge points for slipping ridiculously random statements into the conversation
- Twisty Trivia - Only the best trivia questions in town
- One & Only? - Is it one? Is it the other? Or is it both?
- Ignorance - Life's not fair
- Higher or Lower - Pretttttty straightforward
- True or False - Are unicorns extinct?
- Mind Bottlers - Turn your brain into a pretzel
- Who's This? - Think Pictionary-ish
- What's That? - Huh?

And here's the current packs that these social games live in with 500+ Cards in each pack:

- Icebreaker - Rated PG-13
- Hootenanny OG - Rated R...for ridiculous. Not for family game night
- Sports Nut - Rated F...for FAM friendly
- Girls Night Out - Rated R, but it's perfect for girls nights and bachelorettes
- Nature is Neat - Rated F
- The 80's - Rated F
- The 90's - Rated F
- Oh Canada - Rated F
- Murica - Rated F
- Rich as ... - Rated F

Once you've downloaded the Hootenanny Party Game, the world record from opening the app to starting the game is 17 seconds. There's no signing up or setup, but we're willing to bet you won't beat it.

And there's plenty more on the way, don't you worry sweetheart. Enough squawking, let's get this party started, shall we?

Only the wildest and most outgoing have a chance to win this competitive party game.

It's time to Reward Your Lunacy.

Disclaimer: This party game is pretty salt of the earth. If you're not picking up what we're puttin' down: There's some mild to not-so-mild swearing. Any opportunity we get to use an offside euphemism, we're going to use it. And in certain packs, we're not afraid to push some buttons. You've been warned!
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