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Trading Analysis app

Timing is everything in trading. There’s nothing more frustrating than seeing data too late that would have created a great trade. The Trading Analysis app allows you to see every trading opportunity as it arises, even when you are on the go.

Every tool needed to track, analyse and stay up-to-date with the financial markets is at your fingertips.

Get real-time access to technical analysis, fundamental analysis, calendars, historical volatility, video reviews and market news from this one indispensable app for traders.

What's in the app?

Technical analysis

One of the most trusted methods used by traders to predict the direction of tradeable instruments. Get price and volume data as it happens, identify support and resistance levels and determine the strength of any given trend.

Fundamental analysis

Another critical method for determining the price direction of a financial instrument. Macroeconomic factors like economic and industry conditions and microeconomic factors including financial conditions and company management give you a quantitative value that can be compared with current price levels to determine whether the it is overvalued or undervalued.

Historical volatility

Often used as an indicative measure of future volatility, but always in conjunction with other data.

Market news

Catch all the latest news coming out of the markets as they occur. Focus on the financial instruments that interest you the most and combine it will other data to sharpen your trading strategy.

Weekly video review

An informative look at the most popular financial instruments traded on the market with analysis on what to expect.


Look out for key economic events in the Economic calendar that can trigger volatility in this timetable which provides data and forecasts. Another great source of information when used in combination with other indicators. The Holidays calendar highlights the days when trading will be closed in all the major financial markets. If your focus is Forex you will need to keep an eye on the Interest Rates calendar

which shows the interest rates for the world’s national banks. Share prices always come under the microscope when dividends are about to be paid out, with a flurry of trading reflecting under or overperformance by a company. The Dividends calendar reveals when companies will announce dividend payments so you can anticipate the potential effect on share prices.

Download the Trading Analysis app today to arm yourself with the information top traders make their living from.


We are constantly working hard on making the Trading Analysis app better and more useful for you. We need your feedback to make our app even better. Please feel free to email us with any queries/suggestions/problems or even if you just want to say hello – we would love to hear from you. If you have enjoyed any feature of the Trading Analysis app, please rate us in the store.

Official web-sites:
- https://www.impactechs.com
- https://telecom.impactechs.com
- https://www.impactechs.com/what-type-of-crm-do-forex-companies-need
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