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This application is an electronic circuit Calculator for digital circuit engineers and embedded system programmers.
It calculates following items.
It equips limited simple calculations necessary for operation check.
It is my desirable application from my past work experience.
・Serial / Parallel calculation of the electronic parts. Ohm's law. Time and frequency conversion. And it can do the mutual calculation between tolerance range, minimum, maximum of these.
The range is very important in actual operation, but I have not seen it in this kind of application.
・Circuit voltage may not satisfy the digital code level by the resistance of the actual circuit. It can calculate the voltage level from resistance value and the resistance value from voltage level.
・Circuit signal curve may not satisfy the digital code level by the capacitance of the actual circuit. It can calculate the voltage level from capacitance/resistance value and the capacitance/resistance value from voltage level.

This application has the same merit as all other my calculation application has. The calculation result comes only by different point numeric correction.
Not all calculation finishes with getting the result. You often have the demand such as follows.
・To get results when the input is different. And the results of more various inputs.
・To get the input of the adjusted result.
This application watches a touch action to display number itself and does numerical value correction or input.
It makes simpler and easier the operation (correction, recomputation) like above cases.

・Serial / Parallel of electronic parts, Ohm's law or Time and frequency conversion 2*2 sheets, resistance voltage 1 sheet, capacitance/resistance voltage 1 sheet are equipped.
・The touch action direct to the digit you want to change, makes numerical input or modify. It automatically calculates the results.
・Quantity and range have each independent optimized keyboard.
・Copy / paste function of a sheet or each numeric.
・1 memory
・CIrcuit diagram display is independent to assure sufficient numerical value display / input area.
・Landscape mode display (iPhone/iPod touch: one numeric enlargement / iPad: split screen)
・iPhone/iPod touch: 10-digit display / iPad: 14-digit display
・Internal calculation operations: 16-digit decimal (Not binary floating/double) or fraction. (For error minimizing)
・Metric units are switchable from metric prefix (SI) using -2,-1, 1, 2 units like centi or not, or exponential display.
・Multitask (for i-Pad) and Handoff (2 units or more) of iOS are available.
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    12. 10. 2019

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