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…having the same clout or influence on your child as their favorite actor, singer, or friends. Your children are gladly influenced by these people…they WANT to listen to them, be like them, and act like them. Imagine not having to be a monster to get things done. Imagine actually hanging out with your children and having fun!
The One Thing
When your children graduate from high school or even before then, you'll be left with ONE THING….your INFLUENCE. That's it. So if your parenting goal is to raise a responsible, moral, ethical, kind, and polite child you might be in danger of missing the point.
You see…most parents goal for their children in reality is just simply "Behavior Modification" which is getting your children to simply carry out a behavior or act a certain way as the primary goal. The problem is most parents implode their relationship (and influence) with their children during this process.
What ends up happening is you're so tired and fed up trying to make this happen you'll do anything to get things done or to make the bad behavior stop including screaming and threatening. Over time this negative and dismantling approach ruins your relationship with your child.

Misguided Effort
This is probably why you think you've tried everything and nothing works. While most others teach you a bunch of "How-To's" and give you a "Bag Of tools" to "Fix" this, they don't focus on building your influence with your child.
It's kind of like planting a garden. Nothing you do matters unless that soil is tilled and ready to receive the seed!
The Influence Focus
If you focus specifically on growing your influence with your child it will allow you to RAPIDLY build a strong relationship. Then once that relationship is strong it makes getting them to do what you need to do so much easier because they'll actually want to do it just like you'd want to help a friend do something!

Unique Delivery
Most parenting programs simply sell information. Information alone is NOT enough to solve your issues. It's all about the ongoing emotional and mental support. It's about being able to ask YOUR questions about YOUR life and YOUR situation. That's why everyone that becomes apart of the #ipfam gets live weekly help and becomes a part of the most amazing parenting community on planet earth full of parents just like you to do this incredible journey we call parenting together!
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