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 InfoCar-OBD 1.3.17

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No more worries for fuel efficiency! Improve your driving habits and fuel efficiency with InfoCar and OBD!

Make your car smarter. Guide to safe and economical driving, InfoCar!

※ For inquiries regarding system errors (e.g., Bluetooth connection, terminal, and vehicle registration), please send email to mureungco@gmail.com for prompt feedback and update instead of leaving a review.

※ The app. will be automatically shut down when the vehicle is turned off. For ISG and hybrid vehicles, please turn off this function.


[ InfoCar ]
Provides for safe driving and economical driving through the driving style analysis algorithm that the company has developed.

● Ensures safety and economical driving by detecting real-time vehicle information and abnormal
symptoms while driving
● Diagnoses vehicle anytime and anywhere with its comprehensive engine diagnosis function
● Analyzes driving based on statistics on whole/particular driving situations
● Ensures economical driving through simple car maintenance log and consumables management
● Real-time information display such as real-time dashboard, fuel tap and HUD
● Black box and parking location saving function

[ Key Features ]
- Compatible with OBD2 terminal
- InfoCar app. supports the internationally standard OBD2 protocol, so it supports ELM327 terminal
using BLE(4.0). The InfoCar app works best when used with our own terminal.

● Driving style analysis
• Algorithm which analyzes safe & economical driving based on driving records
• Calculation of scores by the technology that the company has developed to analyze rapid
acceleration and rapid turn
• Ranking system that shows the user’s score and ranking
• Graph that compares driving scores and event numbers for days and months

● Vehicle self-diagnosis (vehicle sensor information refers only to standard OBD2 specification)
• Detects any malfunctions in accessories including fuel injection, ignition system, vehicle speed
control, electronic circuit, transmission, fuel/intake-air, air exhauster and so on
• Checks data related to a vehicle’s performance such as cooling water temperature, engine oil
temperature, intake air temperature, and outdoor air temperature
• Self-diagnosis function dedicated to the engine part checks detailed items such as torque and
engine output rate as well as provides statistical data

● Driving record management
• Records driving distance and time, average speed, fuel efficiency and fuel consumption for every
driving situation
• Records specific data (e.g., departure, rapid acceleration) by situation and displays them on the map
• Measures safe driving time, fuel-cut time, number of rapid acceleration/deceleration and
generates comprehensive statistics to apply them to driving style algorithm

● Real-time dashboard
• Provides information on fuel and engine to various displays / Customizable display which is easy
to operate.
• HUD screen (speed, RPM, compass, and so on) that shows important information needed while


※ App access rights and operating system

[Required access rights]
- Location: accesses to display driving records and location under parking information mode.
- Microphone: accesses to enable voice recording when using Black box function.
- Storage space: accesses to store Black box video and audio recording files, diagnosis history
and driving records.
- Camera: accesses for Black box recording.

[Terminal support]
- OBD2 BLE 4.0 or higher (OBDII, OBDBLE, IOS-Vlink, Viecar, Carista)

If you have any problems or questions while using this system, please contact us at 82-2-927-8242 or tech.infocar@gmail.com.
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