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Kaival Dharma:

The Kaival Dharma was Introduced In Vikram Savant 1829 by Paramguru Shreemat KarunaSagar Maharaj. He was Pragat (materialized) in a Forest in Kasor Gaam,Gujarat,India.

Paramguru Preached About KAIVAL KARTA (UNIVERSAL GOD) And Taught Devotees How To Live A Righteous Life And Pray to Karta.

The Basic Principles of The Kaival Dharam is that There is Only One God and That is Kaival Karta. Karta Does not have a Gender, Race, Bodyform, or Figure. The common belief that Hindus Are Polytheistic (Have multiple Gods), removed from the minds of Devotees. All the various Dev/Devis we see are all various forms and manifestations of Karta. They Have Been Given Specific Tasks, However, They should not be considered as God , As There can only be one God.

Paramguru Teaches his devotees to view him as Guru, Not a God. He will lead his devotees too Karta to attain Salvation.

Amar Mantra:

The Amar mantra, "Ohanga sohang sat charan, Yugala roopanga tvam namaami" was given to us by PARAMGURU SHREEMAT KARUNASAGAR. The Amar mantra is the strongest mantra in the entire world. this mantra has a significant meaning and a significant connection with our body, our brain and our respiratory system.

when we say the Amar mantra we are doing two things;
1) we are hosting our heads to kaival karta
2) we are acknowledging how we are an 'ANSHA' of kaival karta.

"I bow my head and pray to the creator and the controller of the universe the 'ANSHI' (kaival karta)'

when we say the Amar mantra, we are saying I am an ' ANSHA' of kaival karta. as an 'ANSHA' of kaival karta I am saying...

I, the controller of the body(the ANSHA), who is a part of kaival karta (the ANSHI) keeps this body alive with the help of Sohanga- Pranavs (breathing system). I, the eternal ANSHA, am devoid of mind, intellect, consciousness, egoism, and senses, and as such, I bow my head and pray to kaival karta(the ANSHI).

The ANSHA has DIVINE energy. This divine energy makes the 'Ohanga and Sohanga' (internal controls) act and keep the body alive, active, and allow it to work. The divine energy of the ANSHA allows the 'Sohanga-Pranava' (breathing system) to be active and allows the Body to stay alive.
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