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Become a Job Ready PHP 7 Developer. Learn PHP 7 + Laravel + Codeigniter + Symfony + FuelPHP + MYSQL + CakePHP + PHP Projects & Tutorials + Git + HMTL5 + CSS3 & much more. This is a Complete PHP 7 Programming Offline Guide for Basic to Advanced Web Development. This app will make you a complete Job Ready PHP 7 Programmer. This is an in-depth guide to the PHP Programming so you can build Real World Websites.

What is PHP?
PHP is a widely-used open source general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for web development and can be embedded into HTML.

This app contains all the major topics of PHP 7 with Excellent Code Examples. We are constantly updating this app with every new major PHP and other frameworks release and adding more projects and examples.

What you will learn:
1- Learn PHP 7 Programming
2- Learn Laravel
3- Learn CodeIgniter
4- Learn FuelPHP
5- Learn Symfony
6- Learn MySQL
7- Learn CakePHP
8- Php Interview Questions
9- PHP History
10- PHP Tips & Tricks
11- Learn Git
12- HTML5 Tutorials
13- CSS3 Tutorials
and so much more in a single app

Some of the topics we will cover about PHP 7:

PHP Programming Overview
PHP 7 vs PHP 5.6 Performance
PHP Programming Setup
PHP Scalar Type Declarations
PHP Return Type Declarations
Learn PHP Null Operator
Learn PHP Constant Array
PHP Anonymous Classes
Learn PHP Closure Call
Filtered Unserialize
Learn PHP IntlChar
Learn PHP Error Handling
Learn PHP Integer Division
Learn PHP Session Options
PHP 7 Deprecated Features
PHP 7 Removed Extensions
..... and much much more


Laravel Overview
Laravel Environment Setup
Learn Laravel Routing
Learn Laravel Middleware
Learn Laravel Namespaces
Laravel Controllers Intro
Guide to Laravel Request
Laravel Response
Laravel Views
Laravel Redirections Guide
Working With Database
Errors & Logging in Laravel
Laravel Forms Handling
Getting familiar with Localization
Laravel Session
Learn Laravel Validations
Learn Laravel File Uploading
Sending Email in Laravel Apps
Laravel Ajax Intro
Error Handling in Laravel Applications
Event Handling
Learn Laravel Contracts
CSRF Protection
Laravel Authentication
Learn Laravel Authorization
Laravel Artisan Console Intro
Laravel Encryption Guide
Laravel Hashing
Understanding the Release Process
Laravel Artisan Commands
Pagination Customizations
..... and much much more


CodeIgniter Environment Setup
Application Architecture
MVC Framework
Learn CodeIgniter Basic Concepts
Learn CodeIgniter Configuration
Working with Database in Codeigniter
Learn CodeIgniter Error Handling
Learn CodeIgniter File Uploading
CodeIgniter Sending Email
Learn CodeIgniter Form Validation
Session Management in Codeigniter Apps
Codeigniter Cookie Management
Common Codeigniter Functions
CodeIgniter Page Caching
Learn CodeIgniter Page Redirection
Learn CodeIgniter App Profiling
Learn CodeIgniter Benchmarking
Adding JS and CSS in Codeigniter Apps
Security in Codeigniter Apps
..... and much much more


MySQL Introduction
Learn MySQL Installation
Learn MySQL Connection
Learn MySQL Create Database
Learn MySQL Drop Database
Learn MySQL Select Database
Learn MySQL Data Types
MySQL Create Tables
Learn MySQL Drop Tables
MySQL Insert Query
Select Query in MySQL
Where Clause
Learn MySQL Update Query
Learn MySQL Delete Query
MySQL Like Clause
Sorting Results in MySQL Database
MySQL Using Join
Learn MySQL Regexps
MySQL Transactions
MySQL Alter Command
Temporary Tables in MySQL
Cloning Tables in MySQL
MySQL Database Info
Using Sequences
Handling Duplicates
Learn MySQL SQL Injection
MySQL Database Export
MySQL Database Import
..... and much much more

It is a great time to start learning PHP. Don’t worry about the haters, just to make something great!
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