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ミニ脳トレ (mini Brain Training)
simple brain training.This application has no scientific basis for brain training.
there is no way or means to indicate scientific basis.this app created from the viewpoint which though about the method that user using brain.
※it no pay for game in this game.
※can switch display to English mode.
switch button at the bottom of the screen on the startup screen.
※not need create any ID and not need login in this game.

mini Brain Training summary
explain iPhone/iPad and Apple Watch summary of using about app.

1. category of brain training
classify each of brain training.
※category classify is developer's subjectively.
(1) calculation
(2) memorize
(3) solve problem
(4) observation
(5) judgment
(6) correctly

2. all of game list
search game for all of list.
'ALL' button position of the downside screen.
tap 'ALL' button, open all of game list screen.
choose brain training from the list.
if not find category, search this list.

3. setting
change value app's level and timer setting.
※include previous change old app that mini Brain Training.
(1) setting value
it is possible to change kind of game and game level each game.
set setting value want to execute brain taining.
(2) timer
set the time from 10 seconds to 180 seconds.
If not want to set the time limit, select "None".

[step to open setting screen]
change the levele of the game.
(1) open setting screen from the startup screen.
(2) open setting screen of each game and change the level.

[add function step]
※it is a functon to change the level of each choose game.
(1) tap the back button of choose game screen.
(2) tap setting button on the rule screen.
(3) change level of the game.

4. result
confirm result of application.
set search condition and confirm choose result.
※object of using game's point(score).

5. rule
rule screen is previous screen of each of brain training game screen.

6. swich language
switch japanese and english label.
it position of launch screen.
default is depends on iPhone's localize setting value.

7. favorites
choose frequently used brain trains from the list
make it a favoirte list.

[Apple Watch]
game contents
(1) display launch screen.
choose game from application list or choose category button and choose game.
(2) display rule screen.
※if tap START button, open game screen.
(3) if tap START button, start brain training game.

if lauch applicaiton:
1. application list
left arrow(<-) and right arrow(->) button, tap choose app and tap START button.

2. setting
change application level and timer setting.

3. switch language
switch japanese and english label.

4-1. about group
※category classify is developer's subjectively.
(1) calculation
※ omit display 'calc'.
(2) memorize
※ omit display 'memory'.
(3) solve problem
※ omit display 'solve'.
(4) observation
※ omit display 'observe'.
(5) judgment
※ omit display 'judge'.
(6) correctly
※ omit display 'correct'.

4-2. STEP
(1) tap category button on start-up screeen
if tap group button, open group screen.

(2) choose group
if choose group button, display choose group list.

(3) choose bran training game
display up or down arrow button underside of the screen.
up or down arrow button and want to choose game list cell button.
if choose game , display game title to label on the upside of the screen.
if tap OK button on the right upside of the screen,
display rule screen.

(4) rule screen
if tap START button, open game screen.

(5) brain training game screen
tap START button and play game.

This app is sales promotion application/

please download withAppData application.

best regards, abc3.me
by abc3.me
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