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Muhieddeen TV – An Islamic Sufism channel was started by His Holiness M.Z. Jaleel Muhieddeen Qadiri in the year 1996. Basically a Sufi himself, he has taken pains in effectively running this channel. At the very beginning, this channel was telecasted within a small locality in Kayalpatnam from 9AM to 9PM, viewed by just around 1000 viewers. Amidst the materialistic nature of this world, it was a real challenge to bring up the channel that caters to spread Sufism, a universally non-commercial path to purify the inner thoughts of every human being. With the grace of The Almighty, this channel widened its coverage and now caters to more than One Million viewers globally through the Internet & local TV. By doing this, the channel has catered to those people who indispensably need Sufism information around the globe. Currently Muhieddeen TV is being viewed in more than 1000 cities across 200 countries.

Our Path:
We certainly, in one way or other, sacrifice time or money or both for our loved ones. Knowingly or unknowingly, we are in the circle of both commercial and spiritual world.

Our path is to water the seeds of beautiful human thoughts, which is covered by the world of material aspects. A perfect way to explain Sufism is "Like a mother who does not expect back any return from her infant though it gives her infinite troubles". We want to convey the message of universality apart from any religion or sect. We, Humans were gifted everything from soul to supremacy over all other created beings. To be moral is a basic quality for a human, Sufism is beyond that. Sufism is not preaching or teaching human how to be or so, instead it is the process which transforms or purifies one’s heart through him only, like a mirror helping us to make up our outer form!

Muhieddeen TV is firmly footed in this path since its inception a decade ago!

Our Operations:
Certainly we operate within our own style. We have wide spread varieties to offer for the community’s betterment. From enchanting Sufi songs to Zikr performance - soul purifying prayers, we also have special counseling by the spiritual masters which removes the distresses and strains. Also we point out the wrong interpretation of truth by organizing special lecture programs. For the younger generation, we telecast Islamic cultural get-together activities of of children and concerts of famous child icons in the region.

Programs are telecasted in various languages viz;

Tamil, Arabic, Urdu, English and Sinhala
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