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MyCalcApp adds a new dimension to the hand held calculator.

Percentages and Absolute percentages. Just adding a surcharge or subtracting a discount from a number is easy. Any calculator can do this. One uses the percentage or the % key. MyCalcApp also has an absolute percentage or %! key. Use the absolute percentage key to undo a surcharge (or a discount) from a number. If an amount including 4% VAT is $ 99.50. What is the number before VAT. $99.50 - 4 %! = $ 95.67. To get the same result on another calculator you would have to do: $99.50 / (100+4) * 100.

Restore a previous result, any result. To be able to reuse the result of an earlier computation there is no need to first store it. Every line on the scroll is a visual memory all the time. Reusing that result is as easy as touching it. No more need for STO, RCL, M+, MR keys.

Fraction math. Adding and subtracting fractions is not a simple task. MyCalcApp can easily add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. And it can convert fractions into decimals and percentages and back.

Units of measure. Besides simple arithmetic MyCalcApp also accepts units of measure in its calculations and performs all conversions au-to-ma-ti-cal-ly. Use the mode or MD key to switch to superpower mode to get access to the units of measure keys.

It takes Usain Bolt 9.58 seconds to run 100 meters. What is his average speed? Divide distance by time to get speed. Type: 100 m : 9.58 sec = and you get your answer: 23.35 miles/hour. Converting meters to miles and seconds to hours happens at the same time.

If a sandbox is 1.5 yards in length, 30 inch in width and 6 inch deep. How much sand do I need? Just type: 1.5 y x 30 i x 6 i = … and you get the answer: 42.08 us gallon or 0.21 cubic yards of sand.

Any calculator can compute and any unit converter can convert units. Only MyCalcApp will do what most computations actually require:
Compute and convert units ... at the same time!

And there is more.

Currency math. MyCalcApp will add numbers in mixed currencies. 5 dollar + 12 euro + 16 Yen = 15.96 euro . MyCalcApp will ask you-know-who for actual conversion rates and will convert as you type.

Popular formulas. If you know the formula for the volume of a sphere, it is still difficult to compute it on most calculators. Except if you use MyCalcApp. For starters, it knows the formula, pick it from the list (volume of sphere). Enter the radius 1 m radius and you get the answer = 4.19 cubic meters.

We feel that MyCalcApp might just be the calculator for you. Please try it!
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