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 Octagor 1.0.6


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Hello stranger! Would you mind if I tell you a story of Octagor - a mysterious polygon creature?

Ages ago, Octagor has been imprisoned in a dark maze build by an unknown ancient being. Some say it was C’thulhu himself. Others state it was Baba Yaga. And some think it’s created by aliens. Which is true? Hard to say. And who or what Octagor actually is? Maybe an enchanted prince? Nevertheless, it needs your help to escape the Maze.

Welcome to Octagor - a physics-based game in a platform world full of challenging obstacles and puzzles.

Your goal is to find a way out of insidious chambers of the Maze. To exit each level you need to collect Orbs of Opening and then reach an exit vortex.
How to do it? By jumping.

Octagor is only able to jump. Touch left or right half of the screen and move your finger to indicate angle and power of jump. If you need to cancel your attempt, just tap with other finger.

Your enemies? Lethal blades, spikes, hammers and… physics. Be careful when preparing for jump, as Octogor will bounce off walls or roll on the floor until it’s velocity drops thanks to gravity.

Perform as least as possible jumps to achieve better results.
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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


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