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WHO and WHY?
This is the future of the Operational Excellence tools
The app is useful to a very large audience, all those who want to improve processes as Operational Excellence and Continuous Improvement practitioners and trainees. It solves the problem of the current tools taking too much time by making fast and ergonomic the time study, and showing the results automatically

1. The measurement of Cycle Time, Takt Time and Value Added becomes extremely easy and quick
2. Eliminates the classic time-consuming methods in Value Added analysis
3. Saves time of Operation Excellence professionals in VA analysis – more than 3 times faster
4. Makes training to Lean and VA easy and more likely to be applied by trainees
5. Reveals in just few seconds where the bottleneck is located in a simple flow of operations (for more complicated cases, wait for a future suite of OPTIMUS applications)

Any discontinuous and repetitive production process
From manual to fully automatized production activities
Change tools or products in SMED applications
Logistics activities – order preparation, stock in and out, incoming materials, truck loading, etc…
Administrative activities
Cycle times higher than few seconds
Multi activities measurement in the same time such as tool change performed by several operators – possible if Optiflow is used on several devices in parallel (one instance per operator) or combined with video recording of the operation
Measurement of combined man-machine cycle time – possible if Optiflow is used on 2 devices simultaneously or combined with video recording of the operation

Establish standard time of a task or an operation
Measure the Value Added into a process
Measure cycles times in order to balance workload
Measure the duration of the components of a process
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    Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad

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