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How long will you be able to keep meeting the catcher’s demands?
Do your best to keep overcoming the difficult challenges!

[About the Game] 
The rules are simple! The catcher is waiting in some unbelievable situations for the pitcher to throw him the ball.
You are the pitcher and you only have a set number of chances (balls) to pitch the ball to the catcher.
Work around the various obstacles and the batter to get the ball to the catcher.

[How to Play]
Drag your finger behind the pitcher at the desired angle to aim for the area you are targeting and lift up your finger to release the pitch!
One hint, if you use your left thumb to pitch the balls, your hand won’t hide the screen, so it will be easier for you to aim your pitches!
Oh, and one more piece of advice. If you want to pitch the ball a little faster, place your finger a little in front of the pitcher when you start dragging it backwards.
Use fast or slow pitching as the situation demands!

[Bonus Points]
-Get extra points for hitting the ball against special items. 500 points for a coin, 1,000 points for a star, 100 points for breaking glass or a bomb, 5,000 points for directly hitting the catcher’s mitt, and 10 extra points for each ball you have left over after getting a ball to the catcher.

[Special Balls]
-There are special balls hidden somewhere in the stage!
Find all the balls and brag to your friends!
-When you get a special ball, turning on the backpack at the setting screen will display the backpack icon in each stage so that when you want to you can pitch the special balls you have collected.

[Edit Mode]
-You can use the edit mode to position the existing blocks where you want them and to change their size and color. New barriers cannot currently be added, but I hope to make it possible in the future. You can also change the background color and position of the pitcher. If you try to play the game normally when you are in the edit mode (when the key icon (lock) at the top right is open, you could mistakenly change the block positions or cause a malfunction, so when you are done making your changes, be sure to tap the key icon (lock) to turn off the edit mode.
-When you press the PAUSE button, the SAVE and LOAD buttons will appear. When you have made a stage you like, press the SAVE button to save it.

-When you set the difficulty to EASY, your chances (number of balls) will be increased to 100, but the points you score will be less. Conversely, if you set the difficulty to HARD, you will only be given 10 balls, but the points you score will be higher. For NORMAL you will be given 50 balls.
-The action might be a little slow depending on the device you are using. In that case, use the settings to turn on the simple mode and turn off the catcher’s voice to speed up the action. Please understand, however, that in this state the game will be over if the catcher goes off the edge of the screen.
-Be careful not to over play the game. Avoid staying up too late at night, take a break every 30 minutes, play in a well-lit area, and play at a distance from the television.
-The iOS version has functions for emailing an edited stage or sending out your score via Twitter. However, I don’t yet have the ability to add these functions to the other OS version, but I plan to add them in the future.

[ Supported language ]

[ Top3 app simultaneous release!! ]
-Pitcher VS. Catcher 2

Please give me download and a review.


【Pitcher VS. Catcher2】
-Powered by Corona SDK & Box2D
-Developed by Shinji Takahashi

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