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The Que Finder app features a BBQ Restaurant Locator that will lead users on a mouth-watering journey to over 5500 of the best BBQ joints in the United States & around the world!

• To access the Restaurant Locator, simply open the app & tap the orange center that says, “Find BBQ Near You.” Now, one of the most comprehensive lists of BBQ restaurants near you will appear for you to browse. You may also choose to put some restaurants in your favorites list by tapping the heart at the top right of the listing.

• The closest BBQ restaurant near you will be at the top of the list. We have a more comprehensive list of BBQ joints than your internet search or the defunct list of BBQ places you find in the GPS listing in your vehicle.

• Tap the address at the bottom of the listing, & you can then get street by street directions to the restaurant of your choice by clicking on the address at the bottom, & call for reservations by clicking the phone number, simple as that.

• Call the restaurant for reservations or questions by touching the phone number at the bottom of the listing.

• Filter restaurants from A-Z, Z-A, or by Favorites list by the upper right icon on the main listing.


• You can also get a color-coded map, showing pins on google maps to look for BBQ joints closer to your destination by clicking the locator tab at the bottom of the menu. Orange for Independent restaurants, blue pins for restaurant chains under 10 locations, green for large chains over 10 locations.

• You as a restaurant patron, you can rate, Like & comment on any of the BBQ restaurants once you are registered in app, so sign in & join in on the fun, please, this will help others decide on where to eat.


We also have all the shopping areas of our other app, The Sauce Shop in Que Finder also.

It’s no secret that many tasty BBQ sauces & rubs can be found on any grocery store shelf, and many craft creations never will. The Sauce Shop app is the place to go when you have a hankerin’ for some of the tastiest craft, small batch sauces and rubs that may never appear on your store’s shelves. Ability to buy them with few clicks!
Our app specializes in promoting the finest BBQ sauces, hot sauces and rubs from craft sauce makers across the United States. From the table to the grill, BBQ connoisseurs no longer have to travel far & wide to enhance their BBQ experience!
With one simple click, Users will be linked directly to your online sales portal. As an added bonus, users of the app will be able to share, rate & comment to the worldwide online community about your sauces & rubs.
• The BBQ Sauce section of the app highlights some of the best BBQ sauces from across the country! God bless the USA!

• The Hot Sauce section of the app spotlights some of the best hot sauces from around the world. (Yes, we have sauces from other countries!)
• Visit the Rubs and Spices section for the dry ingredients that are sure to intensify the flavor of everything you may want to Smoke/BBQ from beef, pork, poultry to vegetables.


• Share your favorite BBQ restaurants with us in our crowd sourcing section, just put in the name and address, and as much information as you can for us, and even take a photo.

• Tap the camera icon to take a photo in the crowd sourcing area feature in our app. The camera option will give you the camera in a square format like Instagram, this fits our app format. Here are few tips for photos: 1. Be sure to photograph the outside so people can recognize the restaurant from you photo in our app. 2. Shoot tight, get close and fill the frame, not too tight, we can crop it, just don’t shoot from a mile away. 3. Get the restaurant name in if possible, or anything iconic that makes the restaurant easily recognizable. 4. Don’t shoot your food, even thought it might be good, that won’t help people find the restaurant.
The person sending in the most restaurant locations in a year will get a GREAT Que Finder appreciation prize!
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