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 Scientific Calculator DES-38D 1.05

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Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad


The DES-38D is an easy-to-use, multi-line Scientific Calculator with intuitive, left-to-right data entry & display.

It was designed and developed by a professional engineer with a variety of features to suit the needs of engineers and mathematicians, including extensive statistical analysis & graphing capabilities. However, it is extremely simple to use and is suitable for anyone who needs an advanced calculator.

The name of the DES-38D calculator comes from the fact that it utilizes base-10 arithmetic which can represent numbers with a 38-digit mantissa and an exponent range of -128 to + 127.

The DES-38D is universal app that is fully functional in both portrait and landscape modes on all iPad and iPhone devices. No need to rotate to landscape unless you need a wider display area.

All current and future features are included for one low price. We will never nag you for more money.

• Supports Hex, Binary, and Octal number bases in 64-bit, 32-bit, 16-bit, or 8-bit word lengths
• Accepts data entry in Decimal, Scientific, or Fractional notation (& they can be mixed)
• Memory and Result data can be displayed in Decimal, Scientific, or Fractional notation independently of how the equation was entered
• Angle entry and computations can be performed in degrees, radians, gradians, or turns
• 10 Memory Registers
• 4 Display Lines: Equations, Result, current Memory Register, and Error/Information Messages
• All Display Lines read in normal human, left-to-right form
• The [-] key can be used for subtraction or negation as you type - no need to use the [+/-] key after the fact (although you can)
• All equations are evaluated, and the Result field is updated "on-the-fly" as you enter your formula. The [=] key merely saves the equation & result to the History/Tape file
• All Equations & Results are saved in a History/Tape file
• Equations & Results can be recalled from the History/Tape file for reuse in other equations
• Sliders to rapidly adjust Display Precision, Decimal-to-Scientific notation switching, and Decimal to Fraction notation switching
• Keys for e and π plus a table with many additional scientific and mathematical constants that can easily be included in equations
• Extensive built-in help screens
• Copy and paste with simple tap and long touch gestures
• Use swipe gestures to rapidly display all Memory Registers at once, all Constants, and the History/Tape file
• Fast and simple advanced statistics functions - simply enter a data set and instantly get over 90 statistical calculations including 8 different regressions as well as a graphic plot of the regression lines
• Up to 10 Statistics Data Sets with the ability to import CSV files and print, email, or share Data Sets and Calculation Results

• Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide (of course)
• Floored and Euclidean Modulus
• Percentages - including Percentage, Add-On, Discount, and Ratio calculations
• Square, Cube, and nth roots
• Square, Cube, and nth powers
• Base-10, Base-2, Base-n, and Natural Logarithms
• 24 Trigonometric Functions
• Combinations & Permutations
• Coordinate Conversions between Polar & Rectangular
• A number of Random Number Generators to simulate coin flips, dice throws, card draws and general purpose random numbers
• Reciprocals
• Factorials & Double Factorials
• Shift and Rotate Bits
* Advanced Statistics with over 90 statistics values including the results of 8 different regressions plus graphing capability
We welcome your feedback. The app includes an email option to send comments or suggestions to us at support@dohmann.com

If you enjoy our app, please rate and review us in the App Store.

Thank you for using DES-38D.
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