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 Shup Ball-Z-Shatter 1.8


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Yes, it’s true! shards bring good fortune!!

So make your way through thrilling levels, destroying countless objects! 
Devour one exciting level after the other and fight your way through ever more challenging worlds. 

With Shup, you need to prove both, patience and skill as no level is like the other!

Be captivated by the soothing effect of shattering objects in a thousands of pieces, 
but beware! Do not waste all of your ammo immediately, this game requires tactics!

Top features:

• easy handling
• impressive graphics and gameplay
• diversified
• play in level mode or infinity mode
• Completely free with optional inApp purchases
• Low memory consumption (~ 20 mb)
• No registration required

I am not a destructive person by nature. But give me a rock and a glass bottle, and that bottle is gonna get smashed. I can’t help myself. There’s just something so weirdly satisfying and pleasurable about throwing a rock at a object and watching it shatter and explode into a million smithereens.

Excatly this is Shup, a physics-based puzzle shooter that revolves around obliterating items of glassware with a cannon.

Each level presents you with a object that’s perched or suspended somewhere within a large, obstacle-filled area. Your job is to smash this target by firing balls from a cannon located on the bottom left of the screen. The cannon rotates up and down automatically, so all you’ve really got to do is wait for the perfect shot to line itself up, and then tap the screen to shoot a ball. Patience, timing and precision is key though, because you’ve only got a limited number of cannon balls with which to complete the objective.

Despite being based around such a remarkably simple gameplay concept, Shup never gets boring or repetitive. This is thanks to a well-implemented difficulty curve that gradually introduces more complex level designs and multi-step puzzles that involve making tricky ricochet shots to activate switches and remove obstacles.

In addition to a lengthy and very enjoyable level-based campaign, this game also features a secondary endless mode, which helps boost its longevity and replayability even further.

Shup is a smashingly fun physics-based puzzle shooter that boasts pleasant visuals, great gameplay and tons of varied levels. Well worth giving a shot.

Have an endless blast and loooads of virtual shards :-)
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    15. 10. 2019

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    Thomas Waghubinger

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    Aplikace pro: iPhone, iPad

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