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A sweet version of the classic story features a trio of traveling bunnies and much tap-activated bouncing and giggling. —Kirkusreviews

The animation on this story app is fantastic and cute!
I love that we can also touch certain objects on the screen and I spent quite some time playing with this particular page below, was just amazed at the sun rising and setting and the shadows cast on the scenery is just amazing!
I like the storyline where it tells how 3 rabbits got the villagers who are selfish and not friendly to turn the opposites at the end by cooking up a unique stone soup.
I took the opportunity in this app to teach my almost 4 years old boy how important it is to share what we have and to make friends. —Imafulltimemummy

A warmly story app,the animation is very cute . Through reading, children can learn to love each other. —Appshare


√ The story was recomposed from a classic folktale from France and has been passed on for generations.
√ The lovely animal images endow the classic work with special vitality.
√ Warm countryside painting style, surprising, and imaginary interaction experience.
√ It is a picture book where both adults and children can find their joy and happiness.


One night, three rabbits arrived at a small village. They hoped that they could stay in the village for one night, but when they arrived in the village, they found that all of the windows were shut, and all of the lights were turned off. They thought that all of the people in the village were selfish and refused to accept others and could not be happy. Therefore, the three rabbits decided to cook stone soup in order to attract the attention of the villagers, who then joined the cooking voluntarily. With the proceeding of the plot, the readers can join the animal characters in the story and learn to be generous and ready to help others in order to have joy and happiness.

The Stone Soup is not only inspiring to children but also worth reading and reflection by every adult. Caring about others can make you happy and your life will be more beautiful if you treat it with sincerity and honesty.


Reader Comments

√ The Stone Soup is a really “delicious soup”!
√ It is a good book of profound philosophy that may have a lifelong influence on children.
√ It is a touching book that tells our children that happiness is so simple.
√ In today’s materialistic and indifferent society, mutual caring is rarely seen and thus highly appreciated. In fact, the exchanges and interaction between people is as simple as the cooking of a small pot of stone soup.




Key Features of Lite Version

√ Funny interactive on every page
√ Support English and simplified Chinese.
√ Listen to the story narrated entirely or choose to read it by yourself
√ Read or listen the first 3 page of the story.

Key Features of The Full Version

√ Help the small pig to blow out the candle

√ Click on the firewood on the ground to help the white rabbit pick it up 

√ Throw stones into the pot and enjoy the surprise in the water splashes
√ Click on the three small mice. They would perform “human pyramid”

√ Slide the finger on the screen. Smog would wave with the movement of your finger

√ Click on the tomato, broccoli and corn to add food into the soup pot


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